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  1. The original creditor was a pathology lab co. my doctor used. Original date of service: 4/7/2013. First Financial Investment Fund V, LLC purchased this delinquent account & referred it to Stoneleigh Recovery Associates who sent me a letter saying I owed them the bill, that I can dispute it and goes on to say I cannot be sued because of the age of the debt. But, the current creditor can report it to the CRA’s. Stoneleigh has already looked at my CR. I contacted the Indiana BBB to file a complaint against the lab hoping to get it back into their hands. (How can it be delinquent if I had never received a bill? But oh, what I now know!) The lab’s lawyer said their in-house billing researched the claim & had billed me in the months of April, May, and June of 2013. This is not true because 3 bills would not have slipped by me. Also, I received an invoice from them in 2012 & paid in full. He further stated I have to go thru Stoneleigh. They also have not billed me for work in 2014 & feel this agency is sitting on that one. From several websites I have found different SOL’s from 3 to 10 years here in LA. I am assuming this is a written contract thru my doctor. I have filed a complaint with our State AG & he is sending them a letter. But, I requested it to be sent to the lab & will now ask them to send it to Stoneleigh also. My insurance co. is also contacting them. I am hoping I don’t have to pay this at all now because I am so angry. I had no idea & am appalled that one does not have to receive a bill to owe money in this great country...I will be contacting/lobbying congress to stop this absurdity. Any advice would be most appreciative. Thank you.