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  1. yes.. and you are definitely right about everything! thank you again for the help.
  2. I know its been awhile.. and sorry for not updating about the case.. Anyways.. the week after I sent the letter (elect arbitration) to midland funding.. I received their complaint and sued me. During that time I haven't filed with JAMS. So, Answered their complaint with my MTC arbitration. Went to motion hearing. I was really scared. I panic so cant talk to the Judge properly. It was a bad experienced. The Judge want me to do the steps to arbitration in OC agreement. ( which I didn't do because plaintiffs filed lawsuit already I thought I need to wait for the Judge to grant my motion before I go forward.) Then, then plaintiffs asked for continuance and the Judge gave us 30days. After the hearing, I Followed the steps in the OC agreement for arbitration. With guidance of this forum, it was easy to do. Sent notice of arbitration to plaintiffs attorney, to midland and to synchrony bank with my JAMS Demand forms. Then I waited until they received my letter. After that I sent my JAMS demand form to JAMS. Few days later, JAMS received my demand forms and received an e-mail from them. I Print everything and made copies of all the documents I might need to show for the Judge. 30days passed and this morning was the 2nd hearing. The plaintiffs didn't show up. So my case got dismissed. They said they going to post the Order online and wait 24hrs. And I would like to THANK YOU ALL for the help and advices. The thread about arbitration really helped me A LOT! Again, thank you so much!!
  3. I appreciate everyone's prompt reply in this thread. I will work on it. I will let you know the outcome.
  4. @debtzapper it says JAMS or AAA. and I read some of thread suggesting doing it with JAMS. Thank you for your reply and I will send them a letter right away. Again, Thank you! @PAGRN Here's the rest of Arbitration part in the CC agreement. The alleged debt is $2,100.xx . Thanks for your advice! I will start reading the Texas arbitration rules. and I will send them another letter, letting them know that I wanted to do private contractual arbitration via JAMS to resolve any dispute between me and midland. Again, Thank you guys for replying!
  5. Thanks everyone for replying!! Here's what I found from the credit card agreement:
  6. OC is amazon.. synchrony bank, used to be GE. Do I stand a chance against Midland Funding with all their documents that they provided to me?
  7. Hi, I've been reading threads here for few days now.. and I was wondering if I stand a chance against Midland Funding. They haven't sue me yet. But I received letter from them trying to collect a debt and says if I don't reply to them, they're going to sue me. Therefore, I sent them a letter telling them I wanna elect Arbitration about this matter. (Which I read in arbitration step by step thread) After that, they sent me documents like bill of sale and affidavit from original creditor and credit card statements. Now Im asking whats next thing to do?