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  1. I didn't ask, guess I could have tried There is a thread(probably several) about it, someone tried/sent a pay for delete letter. Someone says "Midland has always deleted mine w/o me even asking". Seems weird "always" like it happens multiple times? ha Anyway I probably can't link it here but can search in Google "midland funding pay or wait for sol" it's not from this website Does say "If the DOFD is over 2 years Midland stops reporting after payment/settlement" Anyway sorry can't say for certain, I'm kind of not expecting to get any benefit out of this other than peac
  2. @momof3kids I just checked my mail today and I did get a letter from them in a white/blue-stripes first class envelope. It took a bit but seems like you get the letter in 2 weeks. Mine is dated 4 days from the call/payment. Says: I am still waiting for that update to show up whenever next update is on the Fico stuff but looks good so far. (I'm talking Credit Karma/Credit Wise) The balance was immediately deducted on their website.
  3. These are the last two open collections on my account. Midland 5 yrs old <$800 balance original was <$600 (closing fees added on) Synchrony card (guess could have done arbitration but not being sued) ERC AT&T Bill 10 yrs old ~$1K balance Brief summary/background on me, my finances tanked on 2015, personal problems, my own fault. Most cards were under $2500 in value. Credit score around that time I believe was just over 400 maybe lower, now 644. I built my accounts back up(paid banks back so I could open new ones, marked in Chexx) and I got the $200
  4. Oh man hahaha... last time I was getting help here, that was a **** show in the court... oh man. I was paralyzed man the judge was like "You're wasting my time" I was just like "uh... uh..." "I elect my right to arbitrate" or something. Oh man... I still lost money/time on that but it was less than what it could have been so many thanks for that. Edit: yeap... added to Trans Union
  5. Okay. Can try online, no response, use CM. So I think I know what to do(dispute or pay). Ahh... just sucks no benefit other than peace of mind I guess but I screwed them over in that perspective. The main concern is not screwing myself by allowing interest or something to get added. Anyway thanks for the help guys, I will post updates depending on what path in life I take. I just think about it like "$1K into student loans or $1K into the air"
  6. Never, I haven't paid a cent to it. This was at the time $1K is a lot of money to me. It still is but I could get that easier now, still sucks. So it was defaulted on in 2010, never paid. ERC is a credit report poisoner. I had to look up that term but got the gist haha. Yeah I can see what that means. I have another count where they won't let go... yeah I had dumb past. That's by paper right? Not by phone? I'm not one of those "thinks under pressure" guy. ANY account from a CA must be deleted and AT&T agrees not to sell the disputed balance or report. Yeah that would
  7. Alright, I'm glad you responded haha. That's good to know they're not JDBs. If I am looking to just pay AT&T back... I am in a better position, despite probably having no benefit to me. Am I still having to deal with these problems? It's just... it's 10 years old you know... ahh man. "But I feel bad" regarding money I owe. Edit: so no letter still, guess that makes sense it's been two months. I can do the dispute against EX but what if TU shows up. it probably boils down to me eg. "Am I getting sued?" or "Do you have money to pay" or "Do you care about your CR gett
  8. Interesting thanks, I will check that out. In Credit Karma they have dispute "menu options" but wondering if that's a pay-for-it type of deal. I'll work it out/report back what happens.
  9. I see. Other than matching the Original Credit Name and amount that I originally owed(with Credence JDB). I don't have any other proof. One thing I noticed is the name is weird eg. 11 AT T Mobility which I've seen some people say that it's either a fake collection "made up" or someone made an account under their name. But I am not denying that I originally had an AT&T account that I failed to pay after it became a huge bill and the rest of my problems happened. So are you implying I should proceed with DV/get them to prove it? That's all the info I have at this time, I will reply back
  10. In what way? It is the only account/collection I've ever had by this company name(phone). Another JDB had owned it before Credence I think is the name. They're gone now from my records, they've been attached to me I think for a couple years. But it looks like maybe they sold it to Enhanced. Though I can't say for certain but the amount is the same. I have to check my mailbox/see if there is a letter. I don't understand how it was opened in Jan and I only hear about it now in Mar. I guess that could be just how it is.
  11. This is a phone bill from AT&T that got super overblown from data overage and then adding several hundred dollars for early termination. Anyway aside from that(you agreed to this when signing the contract)... this thing is 10 years old and some company Enhanced Recovery Company just bought it. Now I have a derogatory collection opened in Jan 2020, which is odd. I just got a notification about it now 2 months later from Experian. Any thoughts? Standard DV? I have not gotten a letter yet, will check. Not sure given what's going on in the world now. This post says somethin
  12. update from 03/01/2020 So I did pay this, the money was immediately taken in the same day, works for me the anti-conflict guy The notice finally goes away, but I don't see anything different I'm looking to see if the credit report gets updated about it getting paid in full but probably not Maybe it was a waste since last payment is almost 6 years ago by this date so I don't know But what a good tactic update from 03/16/2020 Well they did report on it in a positive manner. TransUnion said "Improved Account BofA" and my credit score went up a few points(I
  13. Well I was wondering about SOL because when I try to find the year for my state(Kansas) and card was defaulted in NY, I get varying numbers eg. highest I think I saw was 6 years. Last payment was 10/2014, I guess that doesn't mean that is when it was assumed defaulted. According to credit karma it was closed 1/2015 Maybe it showed up because it's getting near SOL? I don't exactly have a G to drop but if it was a problem I could figure something out. I suppose I could change banks/close this one. Thanks
  14. That was a concern regarding taking money out. My deposit just hit and it didn't get taken. I'm just wondering like I don't mind them as a bank(except the savings account that costs $5/mo), so to address this I should talk to their collections company? I'm not even sure if it's in house. My main concern is doing something dumb where the debt becomes more than it is already. I'm banking with them because I was marked on Chex so I couldn't open other checking accounts. I had to pay them back to get to 0.
  15. First hello, been a while, I got A LOT of help here before so thanks for that. I had an $800 credit card with BofA in 2014 and it was defaulted/closed. I had not heard word of it/didn't show up in collections that I recall but now out of the blue(2019) it shows up in their web/mobile interfaces. So right under my checking account, there is this card. The balance went up to just over $1,100 not terrible. My concern, the last payment on it is from 10/2014(SOL?) It has apparently been assigned to NCB Management Services, I guess they're a do-it-all servicing company(deb
  16. Previously... on LOST So that was interesting. I just got a letter today from them saying "we received your request for an investigation... after investigating... stopped all collection activity, returned account to creditor..." shows 0 balance on the account(on their letter). So I'm not sure if this is good or bad... it sounds good. But maybe it's also like "Alright, he's alive and well, send in the hounds" At any rate thanks. Moving up, may have some wheels soon(friend fronted me some cash)... whoah oh... living on credit... (Bon Jovi) I'm not happy about it.
  17. I mailed the DV letters. I mailed two letters. As they had two different addresses on the letter. I used the short sample DV letter from this site. Date on their letter is the 24th last month. I received it a few days past that. Pro: I made a decision/may control the outcome(despite probable loss/no immediate benefit) Con: May not help me at all/still get sued. Will see.
  18. Alright. I'll post whatever happens. I'm still not free, fear of losing job etc... oh well. Thanks
  19. Well, after much reading, it seems that what they sent me is already enough for validation eg. named the OC, creditor account number(last 4), exact amount owed. I will still send the DV, maybe buys me time. I'll most likely confirm with USAA if they did in fact hire CBCS to collect on it. Then I'll work out a payment plan hopefully to avoid the whole lawsuit thing. I'm not sure if they'd even give me the chance initially without going straight into a lawsuit. I'm not really concerned on the reporting at this stage as my credit is still destroyed, although I wonder if I would get
  20. This is something on my mind too. I don't deny the "paying back, not blacklisted and not sued" as positive things. However there is also no return on my behalf regarding credit score, I just lose money. I think I can afford to do the DV > Set up payment plan, though delaying it for a bit like a month or two could help. However since it's dealing with OC and the issue of incurring the debt from out of state, and trying to avoid court/garnishment in general... I could just eat the bullet/pay. edit: I've also read on forums(possibly here) that CBCS (often?) doesn't respon
  21. NY, which has an SOL I believe of 6 years, so I assume I don't have SOL argument on my side. I think I know what I have to do: DV > Payment Plan = no lawsuit? As from what I've read here, dealing with OC is harder than JDB in court and the sum if split up, I could afford and the benefit(of not being blacklisted) is a plus. Though my credit is destroyed and I can't seem to budge it at this time. the defaulted cards are only 20% of the total debt(other is student loans). Not related but if PFD were a thing/possible maybe it would help, thankfully credit score is not a huge issue for
  22. This is an interesting point. I've seen that Midland does it(mention the "we can't sue you") though I don't really understand. The amount is low(relatively) just over $700 for that debt. These cards all defaulted about the same time when I became jobless. So it's curious why that account isn't suable. All originating from NY and receiving communications in MO/KS.
  23. So this is my current thought process, I am the reader's guinea pig. SOL from NY will probably be applied/considered if not 5 year KS SOL, so my 3years+ from last account date won't help me there DV can hopefully buy me a little bit of time, but can draw attention to myself While it would not be impossible to pay the amount in full(means taking out more credit, not sure actually if I have it, not all my accounts are zeroed at this time) probably best to setup a payment plan Do I talk to CBCS or USAA? I imagine CBCS unless I can talk to USAA and have
  24. Well I'm not entirely sure. Others have said "USAA does not sell its debt" This letter says briefly: "Your past due account(s) for the amount shown above were placed with our office for payment. So I'm not sure if this is like Discover where they hire someone to go after you but you pay the second party and it goes back to Discover. Even if this debt is valid, SOL would just protect me from a judgment but won't stop their attempts to collects on it right? The statement "If you notify this office in writing in 30 days after receiving this notice that you dispute the val
  25. I think the letter from CBCS is telling me that USAA owns it. So far on my credit reports(from sites like credit karama/credit wise/etc...) all I've got for USAA is that this debt was charged off as bad debt. Is the point you're making that I should expect to deal with USAA rather than CBCS or the legitimacy of CBCS's involvement with USAA? The balance is also exact from last reported. It is a bit of money and I don't have it at this time if they expected payment in full. Regarding the "black listing" paying them back in full overtime would be interesting as long as it didn't