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  1. Hi there! I've been lurking but I keep getting conflicting information /: I'm also fairly young (21) so I think a lot of it is flying over my head. I found this on creditkarma today, and it shows up on all three of my CRs as of today: PAUL MICHAEL MARKETING SHIEL MEDICAL LABS Oct 20, 2015 Open $175 Account Details Last Reported Jan 22, 2016 Collection Agency PAUL MICHAEL MARKETING Original Creditor SHIEL MEDICAL LABS Status Open Opened Date Oct 20, 2015 Closed Date -- Responsibility Individual Account. Balance $175 High Balance $175 Remarks Medical I opened a dispute with Transunion already under "I don't know what this is" because I'm unfamiliar with what this could be far and have received no letters or mail about it, and I wanted to open disputes with Equifax & Experian but neither site is letting me access my full CR and is asking for me to request a physical copy. I move around a lot so it's possible they're getting red flags from all my different addresses? Should I contact the collections agency or the original creditor for validation? I'm in NY so waiting out the SOL isn't a viable option. I could pay it but I've head paying doesn't remove it from the CR and to try and offer 20% + deletion, but I honestly have no knowledge of why this would be on my report at all. Any guidance would be amazing!
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