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  1. Thank you. I will watch the docket for now and update if anything shady happens with it.
  2. I am really confused by all the back and forth going on here. Is it still advised for me to get a lawyer or what should my next move be?
  3. Okay I checked my credit report and the address they served me at is not listed anywhere on my report per TransUnion or Equifax (the two I can see on creditkarma) as I have not lived at that address since 2012. From 2012 to 2014 I did live at another address in Mo which is on my report. My newest address in IL is not on my credit report at all from what I see. The only thing I currently have on my credit report that is open and active are student loans, and while they do have my new address I guess they do not put them on my report? Midland does not show up on my credit report from either b
  4. Yes I moved in 2014. Would a lawyer be less than the $500 owed and be worth it? This would be a great option if I could do this without traveling to the other state as it is a 7 hr drive one way.
  5. Hi I've seen a few posts about Midland here and I'm wondering what I can do. I have not received any type of correspondence from Midland myself, no mail, no phone calls. However today the person that lives in my old home in another state, called to tell me someone showed up a few times this week to serve me court papers and they told the court server I no longer lived there and they didn't know how to find me and the court server left. With that being said, my old residence is in a different state(mo) than I reside in now(il). From the information they gave me about a court server I was