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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies. As @BV80 and @fisthardcheese suggested, all I needed to do was call Experian. They fixed the problem in 5 minutes over phone and send me the updated credit report. It turns out that they mixed up somebody else's report with mine.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Just to clarify - they haven't sent me any kind of letter of email, or phone call. It's just that I saw it on my credit report. How much details should I give when I send them the letter? Since they haven't communicated with me, I assume they do not have my current address. I may be naive, but I wonder if they can simply attach my address and damage my credit further if I send them the information. When I call them, they say they need my SSN to locate the account.
  3. Sorry I forgot to add that I called the hospital. They couldn't locate my account.
  4. Recently when I checked my credit report, I saw a colleciton agency listed as one of my debtors. It listed the original creditor as a hospital in my area - but I don't recall going there ever. I called the hospital, but they couldnt locate my account. So I called the collection agency and gave them the whatever information that was there on the credit report (something like a partial account number and an address identification number). The collection agency says they cant find the account without my SSN. I am not sure if it is okay to give them my SSN. What should I do ?
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