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  1. Thanks DZ. I know... I'm just bustin um. But I will say, the name calling doesn't help the cause. And, to pull a positive out of it all, I decided on a new display name.
  2. OK, thanks. Bad day in CIC Village I guess... Muddy Waters over and out.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. Would arbitration still be an option on an OC application from 1994? And, I must ask as a newcomer , how does one get to arbitration prior to the trial date?
  4. Harry, You're making some really good points here and I completely understand where you are coming from. It IS a dog eat dog arena we all find ourselves in. We must be prepared for battle. How would you suggest us newly inducted combatants proceed in our dealings with the JDB's suits? What has worked for you? How does David proceed against Goliath? Thanks. Coach Mac
  5. Thank you for this. I'm in the midst of battle with Portfolio Recovery in VA and would love to see and cite some affidavit cases from VA courts. Coach Mac
  6. First, CONGRATS to Terri. Secondly, to Ruby Tuesday. Where can I find this (Take a look at my post #111 ) as was posted in the above discussion? From what I'm picking up here, my case with Portfolio Recovery Assoc's runs similar to yours. Thanks. Coach Mac
  7. Thank you Clydesmom... How then would I verify the "charge off" date or other payment records, etc? Also, is the account correctly classified as a negative and "in collection" when PRA and I are in litigation? Thanks again. I'm also wondering about the original creditor's failure to mitigate damages after seeing the CFPB's report and Consent Order regarding CapitalOne's history of questionable fee and business practices. Are CFPB publications like those regarding CapitaOne and Portfolio Recovery admissible under requests for Judicial Notice before or during trial? Thanks again. Coac
  8. Hello Folks, While viewing my free credit reports I see that one of the agencies shows Portfolio Recovery Assoc, LLC as in collections. I am in the midst of Warrant in Debt litigation (in Virginia) with PRA on an alleged Capital One credit account. Why do I not see Capital One listed in my credit report? Has PRA completely and/or LEGALLY taken the place of Capital One so that the original debt will no longer be reported with the reporting agencies. Is PRA in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and/or the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act? Can I now submit that credit repor