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  1. I went to court last week, and it didn't go well at all. An attorney for PRA showed up; someone I had never spoken to before. They had documents and papers that I had never seen before as evidence. I told the judge that I had not seen any of those papers before; PRA had only sent me a copy of a bill from over 2 years ago. He decided to go in favor of PRA; I received a document from the courts already stating the judge decided that I owe them all of what they were suing me for, plus court fees. I attempted to reach out for assistance for Disabled Veterans. They told me that because
  2. Thank you for your response. Is there anything I should be doing in the mean time to prepare for "discovery"?
  3. I received a certified letter today from the Original Lender's attorney (a credit card from a small 1 branch credit union): PLAINTIFF'S MOTION FOR DISCOVERY "Plaintiff, XXXXX, respectfully requests this Court to grant its request to conduct discovery pursuant to TRCP 500.9. In support thereof, Defendants, in their Original Answer, affirmatively denies that they are liable for the amount which they are being sued. Therefore, Plaintiff's Discovery request to serve Defendants with a Request for Disclosure, Request for Admissions and Interrogatories, so that Plaintiff,
  4. I received a bill from Portfolio Recovery Associates in the amount of $300.00. I have read a lot of threads on here, but there are many different ways in which people are sending these junk debt collectors debt validation letters. Can someone please tell me, should I make it a simple letter- just ask for verification, or should I go in depth with all the Federal laws, 15 U.S Code 1692g, etc... I am also being sued by them for collection of another credit card bill. I am trying to address this 2nd bill before they follow with a law suit. I am also a disabled veteran, and my sole sou
  5. Yes, I filed with the Justice of the Peace. The court date is scheduled for June 29th.
  6. Ok, so I am assuming that Portfolio Recovery did not receive my original answer since they requested a motion for default judgement; I am going to send them another copy, but this time make it certified. (I don't even know if it's required to be certified mail). Is there anything else that I should do? I have read on other posts "Motion to Strike" for affidavit... Is it too late for me to do that now that I've already filed the answer with the court? Any and all info is greatly appreciated!
  7. Thank you for your answers! I have filed the answer with the court and sent the attorney a copy via certified mail. I also put that I would be doing discovery as well. Have not heard back from anyone yet..
  8. I received a summons from a Credit Union I use to bank with, in Texas. The Petition states the Credit Union as the Plaintiff, as it has not been sold to a debt collector. I am being sued for an amount between $5,000 and $10,000 due to credit card debt. The petition states the Plaintiff intends to conduct discovery. The Petition provided a generalized credit card agreement between "defendants" and "plaintiff", however there are no account numbers, no signatures of omission from defendants. or any documents provided. Does this mean they may or may not have access to more definit
  9. Hi All, I am still dealing with this legal issue. I answered to the initial claim case citation, however I received another letter from the collection company (Portfolio Recovery), stating that I did not answer and they filed a motion for default judgement; I went to the Justice of the Peace today, and they told me to disregard the notice, and that they have my answer on record. The court date is set for June 29th. I have attempted to reach out to the law school here in San Antonio, as well as the Veterans Affairs regarding legal assistance but neither are accepting any new c
  10. Thank you for the link; unfortunately, the office located in my city is not taking in any more phone calls or clients. (I am in San Antonio).
  11. Hello, I am seeking help with a summons I got today. I have very little experience in law. I'm a disabled veteran, unable to work, and don't have money to hire an attorney. So, I'm reaching out on here. I received a summons today stating that I am being sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC Assignee of Citibank, N.A. / Citibank, N.A/ The Home Depot. The attorney is located about 200 miles away from where I live. A: Parties 1. It lists PRA & a Norfolk, VA address 2. It has my name, and address B: Jurisdiction 3. Plaintiff seeks only mone