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  1. Thanks for the input everyone. I filed my motion to dismiss over 20 days ago and have yet to hear any news in regards to this. I have also spoken with a professional in regards to the violation. I will post how things proceed as I get more info.
  2. It did not explain why Pinal County was listed. I assume it was a basic mistake as many people believe that the area I live in is Pinal county. I looked on the Maricopa County Court and Pinal County Court website. They both show that The proper venue is San Tan Justice Court in Chandler. It is also closer to me via mileage and the time it takes to get there
  3. I am in Maricopa County but I am close to Pinal County. Technically, the San Tan Judicial Court in Chandler would be the proper venue and is closer than the one in Apache Junction. Can I file a motion to dismiss for improper venue? This would grant me a little more time to prepare if needed be I assume?
  4. Recieved a Civil Summons listing Cap One as Plaintif being represented by Gurstel Chargo. This is for a debt listed at around 5k and was filed in Pinal County. First, I do not live in Pinal County nor have I ever. The summons did not come with ANY supporting documentation at all. There is no account number, contract, statements or anything for that matter. They are suing for breach of contract and didnt supply any documentation at all. Any guidance on how to respond to this summons would be greatly appreciated. This just seems very generic to me as if a JDB is actually suing me and not Cap One? I would assume that Cap One would at least provide some documentation with the summons? If it is a JDB I know its a violation by suing me in a county that I have never resided in. PLEASE HELP!
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