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  1. "Reassigned" I get another dunning notice from another collector
  2. So could this be presented as evidence to the CRA for removal? All I know is every time I dispute, they resell the debt. Some as many as six times. If there was a law or ruling I could use those for removal.
  3. How many times can a debt be assigned? I heard it was four times? Which FL and which Federal Statute states it is illegal to assign a debt to more than FOUR collection agents?
  4. Wonder why Certificate of Service won't work. Works for other court documents.
  5. I sent the first letter by regular mail, second by CMRRR, third I included a certificate of service at the bottom of the letter sent by regular mail.
  6. I tried three times! They say they can't identify my info. I keep sending them all the info they asked for. This has to be willful negligence. What can I do? Thanks, Robin
  7. These are all I could find but most ring busy or no answer. Does anyone have any others for 2019? CRA Fax numbers: Equifax = 866.233.3777 888-826-0573 Experian = 972.390.3838 Trans Union = 610.546.4606
  8. I know people rent out their AU slots for extra cash. Will the primary holder be contacted or implicated if an authorized user account is connected to a disputed account?
  9. I'm sending ID theft letters to the three CRA's. Need to send them certified of course.
  10. I read some threads that say the recommended addresses to dispute published by the CRA's will result in returned letters if you send it Certified. Some say it works. How can this be??? If this is true where can it be sent? Robin
  11. These are the addresses the FTC gives you for ID Theft. Are they up to date? Any last minute tips. I'm about to send mine in. Equifax P.O. Box 105069 Atlanta, GA 30348-5069 -or- Experian P.O. Box 9554 Allen, TX 75013 -or- TransUnion Fraud Victim Assistance Department P.O. Box 2000 Chester, PA 19016
  12. My need is to lower my UT. So I need high limits with high UT (50%+) allowed. FICO Score 8 is 720. 150k debt with 300k limits. No inquires or new accounts in over a year. Looking to do a consolidation loan as well. Thinking of appyling all at the same time.