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  1. Thank you for the reply. Thank you for the reply. So, even though Bank of America is a national bank, it would require a court order from the state she resides in? I contacted the IL court and was quoted a fee of several hundred dollars to transfer the judgment to IL. Would I be able to collect this fee from the judgment debtor?
  2. A judge granted me a money judgment this past year. The case resided in SD and the person that the judgment is against lives in IL. I'd like to place a levy on all bank accounts including the ones she has with Bank of America, as she has the money, but refuses to pay. How do I start such a levy of her bank accounts? I spoke to BoA. They provided me with the info how to serve them, but I would like to know which documents they need beside the judgment. Am I able to start wage garnishments or place a lien on her house without using a collection agency? Thank you!