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  1. Thank you to each and every one of you who provided responses, guidance and encouragement. As I got to court, the case was already dismissed.
  2. Thank you all, again. I was shocked and initially intimidated. I will file with JAMs, before my May 25th court date, and bring all the documents you all have suggested. My spouse feels like we should just pay at this point because PRA must be used to all of this by now 🙈 I just can't understand how they e let it this far. I will hold out though and go the route recommended in this forum.
  3. Hey all... I'm back with an update 🙈 When we last "spoke" I sent all of my paperwork into AAA and was awaiting the next court date or AAA response. Well the case was under review for quite some time so the court date came up. I met with a really nice lawyer representing PRA. We went in the hallway again and I updated her as to what was happening. She said ok and we went back into the court room to get the case taken off the calendar. It didn't. The judge put it back on for next month because AAA hadn't responded. Well they responded today and I am at a loss. Long story short, they can't
  4. Verbally, she did in the hallway... When we got back into the courtroom the lawyer said to the judge, "the defendant would like to proceed through arbitration. As long as she knows it's expensive and she will have to pay fees." She mumbled the last part and shrugged, which makes sense after reading the responses to this thread. Once I actually file, hopefully it proves she was all talk.
  5. I didn't even realize what you said about filing a claim against myself, but it makes sense!! Thank you for sharing your verbiage. Just to be certain, I will go with JAMS, but please see the attached document, which is where I saw both as an option.
  6. I was, however, I read in one of the posts that AAA has a simpler process in terms of requirements and sending in paperwork (which I did find to be true). Because the cc agreement said both were options, I went with AAA. Should I not?
  7. Hello all, My intention was to e-file this Demand for Arbitration with AAA today, but all weekend I have been having difficulty with the dispute description. It seems, to me at least, that any which way I write this, PRA can simply send whatever paperwork she produced to me and the whole thing be voided. Is that possible? Here is my latest description: Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC (PRA) has brought claim against -----, alleging that they have acquired all right and titles to a Synchrony Bank/Lowe's account. PRA has stated in their statement of claim that "despite numerous and r
  8. Thank you all so much for the humor, feedback and encouragement. @fisthardcheese I appreciate you. I will do all that you've recommended and will update (if that's ok) once I hear from any party involved. I really need this win. 🙌🏾
  9. Ok. I will file ASAP. The last lingering question is that the agreement said they would pay the fees, but I'm assuming that doesn't include the $250 JAMS charges because how else would I initiate the process?
  10. Also, she seemed very agitated with me as if "I'll show you!" Type attitude so I really feel as though she may move forward. Let's say, on the off chance they do proceed with arbitration, if I lose, does page 7, part 4 of the attached agreement mean I will have to reimburse them for all fees and related costs? 1015-Credit-App.(1).pdf
  11. Ok thanks @debtzapper. I was just shocked that they presented the "account buy" letter and then she went all the way through to this point.
  12. Hello all, So I received a few letters from attorneys in December, indicating that I was being sued. I did a case search on my name in the system and found that Portfolio Revocery was suing me for a Lowe's account ($1,234). I was never served, but kept checking the court site every week to see if any new motions were being put in or additional information. One week, I saw that the processor said that I was served on December 19th and they filed notification on January 12th (so sketchy). This meant I had less than three days by the time I saw it to respond. Anyway, I scoured this si