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  1. Hi I need help responding to a creditor who is suing in the state of Texas .. they are synchrony bank and I need a template to start the general denial and then I was wondering how to to start the process to send the templates to them as needed to fight the case. I want to do this way as I was successful with yall's help with a company called portfolio recovery this way. Can you guide me in the right direction? 


  2. I won a case a while back where I answered a general denial and then did discoveries with them back and forth and it was dropped and it was with portfolio recoveries. Is there a forum I can follow for that procedure?
  3. Can I have a template on a general denial I have 14 days to respond?
  4. I appreciate everyone always answering me. You are all always very helpful.
  5. @Clydesmom I guess I just did not understand why they brought a suit against me and then dropped it for no reason and never sent me anything I asked for but just said never mind we would like to dismiss this all together. Then I didn't understand why they would have their people they hired call me yesterday instead of answering the credit bureaus. They do not need to call me at all. I am at work during the day and they do not need to call me ever period
  6. @Clydesmom in discovery as instructed on this forum and they ignored me and never responded to anything I requested. They would not send me anything ..they jsut dropped it all together and said thank you for doing business with us? Then official paperers were drawn up from them and the court and the suit was dropped. I was advised that they did not expect me to send them anything therefore they dismissed it because they had no validation of what I was asking them to send.
  7. @Clydesmom I did this because they they would not validate any of the information I requested in discovery and they brought the suit. They have called my place of business and have been told to stop. Then after they dismissed the suit without prejudice why would they bring it back to me again when they did not validate anything or even respond to one thing I sent them certified when they hired this attorney. Then I dispute this collection and this attorney is calling me on my cell phone. I just found it very strange that they would call me but I did see where they had been in violations themselves with complaints with the BBB but I guess I just was curious if it was illegal for them to contact me in general but I believe I was told earlier it was not ?? Also, why keep wasting your money sending me something when you have no plans on validating something that I asked you to validate back when you brought on the suit.
  8. @BV80 It was the attorney that called me. Is it not illegal for them to contact me regardless on my cell phone while I am on the job. ? I am not their client and they need to respond to the bureau not me correct?
  9. Hello I have question about a collection account that has been on my credit report that I disputed with the credit bureaus and I uploaded the documents showing where the Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC brought suit against me and then dismissed the suit and never answered my discovery questions or validation on anything I requested. Once I did this I received a call to my actual cell phone while I was at work yesterday from their prior attorney and they did not leave a message. My question is why did they call me? Also, is this legal? In addition to this Portfolio Recovery is in violation from filing the suit to begin with I found out due to the the law suit brought against them with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau without showing validation of the debt. Also, they are not allowed to resell their debts either. They dismissed their case that they brought against me a few years ago. Can anyone help me understand why thier old attorney would be calling me?
  10. @Goody_Ouchless Thank You!
  11. @Clydesmom if it were to be paid to a zero balance then regardless they have to provide a receipt that this is paid if this is the route that is chosen?
  12. @Clydesmom If I were to contact Pra would I contact the attorney that dropped the case or them directly and if this is the route that needs to be taken even though I won this case then how would I approach this phone call to get this to a zero balance even though we are in a disagreement obviously or I would have never fought this case and won.
  13. @Goody_Ouchless Thank You!
  14. @Goody_Ouchless Thank You! Is there anyway to get them to to remove it completely after it is paid?
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