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  1. GoodyOuchless, it is a summons and complaint, not a letter. It's just styled differently than what I've seen previously. Didn't mean to ignore your question in above post. Just trying to get back on my feet again and now have to face this. Can't possibly even make a payment schedule when I have nothing to pay them with in the first place. Once I've worked another couple of months, then I may be able to, but have to get this summons taken care of first.
  2. Yes. The court clerk said that there wasn't a case filed, there isn't a case number listed, and they state the summons with "The State of North Dakota to the Above Named Defendant" as if it were a criminal case. Called a credit counseling center also and of course it's a lay person discussing it with me, but he said that most don't even answer these things and since I have next to nothing in income nor any assets they probably couldn't collect anything anyway except to levy my checking account. Well, that can't happen either because then I have absolutely nothing. LIterally I have been unemployed for the last three years, JUST NOW started a job working online which right now doesn't even work out to minimum wage at the moment though it will get better but it's better than nothing and I can meet my rent, electric and internet since I need that to work. I am literally at the end of my rope. So I need to file an Answer then?
  3. Help please! Have gotten a "Summons" from Rausch Sturm for CapOne, and although I don't doubt that I owe them money, there is no case number as usually there would be if they had actually started a case, but just a listing of "Our File No." so am wondering if this is legit and if I should send an Answer. The 21 days is up this Thursday (3/9/17). Called county court clerk's office and nothing has been officially filed there. I have been out of work for past three years and just started a remote home-based job but getting paid extremely little (not even minimum wage). I don't have any assets other than a very old car. Have read other posts regarding Rausch Sturm and am wondering if I should put in Answer that they should send validation of debt, etc. I'm in ND and have looked at the statutes (N.D.C.C. 13-05-02 thru 13-05-06) but not seeing anything that can help me. Can anyone help with an Answer to them? Thanks in advance.