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  1. http://www.fairusenotabuse.com/cavalry-investments-cavalry-portfolio-services-llc-cavalry-spv-i-spv-ii/ This should give you quite the scoop on Calvary!!! Get em!!! Good luck if I can be of help please ask!!! www.fairusenotabuse.com
  2. http://www.fairusenotabuse.com/junk-debt-buyer-midland-funding/ This site gives the dirt u be amazed stand up take these joke rip off the I think you could get a class action suit against midlund huge one that draw bring all kinds of the negative exposure they deserve and shut these terrible deceptive ppl down
  3. http://www.fairusenotabuse.com/bridgers-peters-kleber-debt-collection-law-firm-debt-buyers/ This group is who allegedly had me personally served at 138 State Barn Rd Ringgold, GA to appear in court being sued by Daniel Peters!!! I didn't even live at that address,further More they had never contacting me one time at all and they have no proof in the file that I go from court clerk!!! They served a fifsa ordered and record shows that but then shows or details any thing else!!! These guys in GA are turds need it put to them!!! I'm having an hard ungodly hard time finding a lawyer/attorney in area practices in GA take this to court with me on my behalf!!I want to counter Sue for damages, punitive!!!attorney fees!! There nothing g in the file and exhibits they filed that even !ight suggest they have an account my name on it owing them over 12 grand!!! I never one time not once heard call letter email door to door nothing from this group from this firm on this matter it's dormant and it's exactly six years six months old. Please help anybody put there that wants to do class action?? Or any lawyers attorneys that fight with me repesent me!!! I don't expect Bono work I'll pay!!! I'm very confident we maybe shut down some this stink sneaky dirty underhanded lying sacs that suppose to uphold the law,!!!!!
  4. www.fairusenotabuse check it out. There a group on here Bridges, Kleber that got default judgment on my personal service g me at the wrong address???!!! Whom how does that win and u think easily reopen to b heardno!!! Looking hard for lawyer license in GA help me!!http://www.fairusenotabuse.com/bridgers-peters-kleber-debt-collection-law-firm-debt-buyers/
  5. I receive SSA and benefits I receive 1593$ month and I am payee of the two kids ,which they get 400$ each a month I can't be on the home loan because of shotdy default judgment,which im i n the process trying to appeal,set aside now!! But we need kids or mi e or both inco e to qualify?? Can I appoint my husband as payee over our income and the underwriter of home loan use ssa income as his since he is payee and he uses it provide for us?
  6. First things first Jefferson Capitol will prolly be the CA they have ownership partnership with Fingerhut in state of Ga or they did!?? Fingerhut has had so many lawsuits slapped against then and Jefferson Capitol it's ridiculous!! First thing you need to do is got to Google and type in fingerhut lawsuits Jefferson Capitol!! I think with what you read and discover will more than have any suite dropped !!? You may even be able to flip the script!!? Check it out!?? U always file complaint T any point telling what's going on with BBB and they will look I to and then it's investigation and if it's like my experience they will cease halt remove from CRs and agree to not ever sale the account !??
  7. What does OPs mean or stand for ? Im sorry to ask ....Lol I pretty much have figured out most of the abbreviations so far im having trouble with Op? I love love that vast knowledge all you guys have and so many so so many areas!!!
  8. http://www.adr.org/cs/idcplg?IdcService=GET_DYNAMIC_CONVERSION&dDocName=ADRSTAGE2027264&RevisionSelectionMethod=LatestReleased THIS explains some what ,but Georgia our peach state does not govern this law all.states except Ga ,I looking to see why not ga and what there time with arbitration small claims exclusions
  9. Some reason I can't submit an attachment what the bill of sale looks like of mine it's very vague say the least .
  10. Yes I have all the papers documents everything the court has in hand ,and it says Sheriff's Entry of Service checked the box said served defendant personal with a copy within the action and summons.y signature is no where on it.. i have been served summons or papers 5 different times I had sued seller of.home of a lease purchase, 4 of the 5 times was served papers by Sherriffs office by one of the officers and I had to.sign my name.to.recieve it and to state that it was delivered directly to me the 5th time served was by a civil processor and I had to.sign all three copies of the papers ,my copy ,yellow.copy and white copy.. with that being said the clerk said don't matter if I signed or not because the officer that served it signed,that his signature means he himself gave and served me with the summons. IM confused now for sure.. I have left a message yesterday and today with a law office and haven't yet heard back from them so no I not talked to a lawyer directly about this!!
  11. my DJ they submitted copy.of.orginal interest rate statement but didn't submit all.contract which had an arbitration provision!! The court is telling me that because I was personally served and the officer signed off on it that there is nothing I can do legally from this point ,except pay it.. Im pretty sure we were up.at children's hospital.in Cinn Ohio when this was served I tried to calm get record of my sons admission or and Dr appts that show I wasn't in fact served that day that I wasn't in Ohio with my sick kid. But hospital billing Dept says records are not kept that far back that I have to submit a form asking for them and pay to get them.. idk I just don't think I would just say oh well I being sued oh well whimcares im not gonna do.a thing about it. That's not my nature im a naturally born bulldog, and the law firm that took this to.court and got DJ on me is no where to be found court clerk has spent most her day trying track them down or who may be the holder of.my judgment now?!!! She hasn't come up.with anything yet!!?? What do you think @fisthardcheese?
  12. I thank finding out arbatration clause original contract, and I think they should have to show that they purchased and no said owned ur debt, the papers u uploaded does not show or represent ,prove that they have any actual account ties to you. Or I don't thank so.
  13. Ok,I will submit you what my bill of sales look like it's Disney have anything blacked out but it does show number of accounts bought and the amount of all accounts what they paid for them I am sure it was peenies on the dollars for these which still came up.to quite large figure ,it shouldn't be blacked out u less there referencing to someone else's account has there personal info that is not to b made public if it has your info it shouldn't be blacked out because it u and ur personal info which is legit. I don't thank this proves they bought and own ur debt says they could have if it was included in that file name but u need and should require proof of that. That's my angel they court nor the lawyer that got default on me be can't prove that I am I e of the 452 accounts purchased it states the number accounts bought and amount paid but don't say for fact they bought mine and own it,I would strongly use implied assert ,bring g that to table very admitable!!
  14. I would hold.off until in front of the judge! And it's for credit card debt? Did the original creditor hire Midland to collect in this and Midland hired a lawyer ? Or is Midland the now said owner of the debt and Midland themselves filed for the judgment against u? As in my earlier post if Midland now owns the debt then they need to provide or be able.to produce a bill of sale showing where they bought purchased ur said account and amount paid or if they hired to collect ? I know that played a major deal in Judgement default judgment that Catoosa County ga awarded against me I wasn't aware of the court or the motion filed or anything so it was default I am currently working the judicial system to try have this vacated or dismissed something!?! Good luck. I do know that a third party has to show how they are affiliated as far as how or why they can collect take u to.court if u not on ORGINAL contract
  15. If Midland bought a bunch of.peoples debt and paid one amount for like 450 accounts then the lawyer representing Midland would have to submit a bill of sale showing the transaction between the original creditor and Midland. And it would have to show number of accounts bought and how much money was paid in total for all the accounts ... Without the bill of sale it be hard I think them to show that you are in debited to them,shhhs grand. Im Midland keeps a lawyer on detainer and it won't take very much time prolly lawyer billable hours to to mount up.over a grand but if just going on court cost average court cost in magistrate court in Georgia is 91.00$. What is the debt over ? Credit card? Contract? ?
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