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  1. Hi guys, I previously posted about two collections I have with PRA regarding credit card debts and was directed to speak a lawyer here in TN. I was given the advice to dispute the collections with the CRAs and once they reply to notify him Well it has been almost five days since I notified him of the results and I have not been given a reply. At this point I feel like trying to fight it is not worth it. I fear getting sued and then not being able to find a attorney to fight it and getting a judgement. Can anyone provide any advice on how I should approach PRA? I have filed a disput
  2. Do you still post on the board?  If so, I have a question about arbitration.  

  3. Thank you so much @debtzapper and @Clydesmom for all of your assistance and pointing me in the right direction.
  4. Thank you @Clydesmom! I have never had a lawsuit. Capital One sued me a couple of years ago and I contacted the law office and paid the agreed settlement before the case went to trial. The lawsuit was later dismissed with prejudice once I paid the last agreed installment.
  5. @debtzapper thank you for the response. No lawsuit has been filed yet but I think I may have poked a beehive with the debt validation letter. I did send @TNConsumerLawyer a message but I will give him a call tomorrow morning as you suggested.
  6. My Capital One account was originally owned by HSBC but was later sold after my account was charged off. I was not aware that Capital One was the provider until I received the verification from PRA. My account was opened in 2003. Thank you for the advice and I will consult the consumer attorney as well as attempt to reach out to @TNConsumerLawyer for help as well. As for the Comenity Bank debt, do you propose the same thing? In their validation PRA sent me a copy of the credit card agreement that does include arbitration and JAMS is an option. Do I wait to see what they do on t
  7. Hi everyone, I am new to the board and this is my first post. I am looking for some advice on how to proceed with two debts being collected on by Portfolio Recovery Associates. The first debt was originally owned by HSBC before they were bought by Capital One and the account balance is $1,900. The last payment was made sometime during 2013 and was later charged off. The other debt was originally owned by Comenity Bank, the last payment was also in 2013 before it was charged off and the balance is $1,400. I was not aware of what the debts were at first so I sent a debt validation letter to