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  1. Thank you so much for all the advice I've received on this forum! I have one final question before signing the settlement agreement. In Line 6 it states : "The parties shall be entitled to an award of attorney's fees in any action commenced to enforce this Release or any provision therein." Any idea what this means??? Thanks!
  2. UPDATE: At the advice of @fisthardcheese I sent an email to the JDB's attorney requesting the proper settlement agreement which releases me and any liability to the alleged debt. I just received this document via email in response. I am asked to sign and return it if it's acceptable. I've read through but I definitely want further insight.... It looks to me like I am released and that they also agree to not sell or transfer the account to another JDB. Please advise. THANK YOU!!! SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT AND RELEASE THIS RELEASE dated as of September ___, 2017 (this "Release"
  3. @fisthardcheese Thank you!! I will be sending the email to the attorney this morning. I'm glad I didn't sign anything yesterday. I agree, the use of the term "withdraw its claim with prejudice" is what made me hesitant! Because my 1st thought was, what claim??? I will respond to their email and wait to see what happens next. Thank you again!
  4. @Clydesmom That's the thing... They never filed. I was never actually sued, so I was confused by the use of the phrase "withdrawn its claim with prejudice". Once I got the first letter from Schatner Portnoy, I requested debt validation... They sent me old credit card statements, and before I gave them the opportunity to file a suit, I submitted the Arbitration forms to JAMS and sent the attorney a copy. I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing and make sure the debt is not sold to yet another JDB and that they will then file a suit against me later. The SOL runs out in June of 2018
  5. Follow-Up: The JDB's attorney (Schatner Portnoy, LLC) has sent an email to both me and JAMS and stated "Our client has closed this matter with prejudice." in response to JAMS continuing to follow-up with us, to know how I would like to move forward. The last time I spoke with someone from JAMS by phone, the case manager said I would have to pay both my filing fee as well as Calvary's if I want to proceed. I asked for time to think about it. I have continued to be contacted by JAMS asking what I would like to do next. JAMS has also sent the following in an email: " In order for JAMS to cl
  6. Hi everyone! It's me again! I wanted to provide an update on my situation. I followed the advice given in this thread and quickly selected JAMS Arbitration. I requested that the JDB's attorney pay the $250 filing fee, which they never did. For months, JAMS reached out to me as well as the JDB's attorney for payment of the JAMS fees. I never submitted my $250 because I was waiting for the attorney to state whether they would agree to pay the fee or not. Its been over 5 months and they never responded, despite numerous attempts by JAMS. Well today, lo and behold, I received an email sent to JAMS
  7. I've actually found a VERY helpful and detailed thread on how to complete the JAMS arbitration form..... It answers ALL Of the questions I've listed above. Thank you!!!!!
  8. Thank you @fisthardcheese and @debtzapper. I am working on the JAMS forms as we speak.... Its a bit overwhelming, but I think I have everything I need filled out. Just a couple of questions: 1. "Mediation in Advance of the Arbitration"- Is it necessary? Does it benefit me in any way? I haven't check that box, but I'm wondering if mediation is worth it. 2. "Nature of Dispute"-I've listed Violation of FCRA and Violation of FDCPA laws. Is that good enough? Do I need more detail or to list any others? 3. "Request for Hearing"- Do I select any location or will JAMS make the selection
  9. Thanks so much Fisthardcheese! I have the card agreement... Silly of the attorney's office, they actually sent me a copy of it with the statement, because otherwise, I wouldn't have had it. I will read through it this evening and file online before they can move forward. AAA is also an option on the Citi agreement... Is JAMS the better option in this case? I'm a little more than confused on the difference between the 2 entities. This may be something I'll easily figure out once I go to file the demand for arbitration form, but I'll ask anyway.... will this arbitration be against Citi, Calvary
  10. I recently received a letter from an attorney's office in Princeton NJ (Schachtner Portney LLC) for a debt bought by Calvary Portfolio Services. The OC is Citibank. The attorney sent back the last credit card statements from Citibank as well as the documents proving that CPS purchased my debt as part of a bundle of junk debt. At this point, I am planning to send a letter to begin settlement negotiation. The amount of the debt is $3,000.00 and the SOL doesn't end until Sept. 2018. My initial settlement offer will be 20%, which is $600.00. Based on reading other posts, I have been checking my co