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  1. No I haven't been sued yet, just trying to figure out how to use my computer to prepare pleading paper forms before-hand so I don't get stalled out, I'm not that great with computers! I'm wondering how to prepare forms properly using pleading paper format. Any advice you have is appreciated, thanks!
  2. @gradys can I please have a little help on using pleading paper for certain doc's? Did you have your own pleading paper format in a word program on your computer? Or did you download others' pleading paper templates from this forum and just edit and print? I'm a little confused about how to properly prepare my BOP request and other pleading paper required documents. Thank you!
  3. @Helpincali thanks for responding and documenting your case for others' perusal. Looking forward to seeing your case play out in your favor! At some point I'd like to see how you drafted your RFP set two as I may have to request electronic data also. Thanks!
  4. @HelpinCali any updates on your case? Did you receive a CCP 98?
  5. @sadinca just noticed you asked me something... I received an intent to pursue litigation Letter from the law firm a couple of days ago.
  6. @freeze what happened in your case? I'm involved with the same jdb/law group duo.
  7. @sadinCA I understand so far that my first move once served with a filed complaint is to request a bill of particulars (BOP) from law firm of plaintiff and respond with a general denial (GD) right away (within 30 days) both served with proof of service (POS). Then I am to file GD and POS at courthouse. Am I missing something important within those first 30 days? Thank you!
  8. @sadinca I'm actually reading your posts helping @firedupinCA right now! Ive been reading here for over a month and I'm just so grateful and surprised at everyone's willingness to help each other out, it's really awesome! I might be starting my own thread soon if I am served...
  9. @gradys ok thanks for responding! I'm feeling like this same jdb/lawfirm duo will file complaint against me soon in CA so I'm very interested in your case.
  10. @BV80 Thanks, you confirmed my understanding!
  11. @Harry Seaward @Goody_Ouchless @calawyerisn't this the very 'evidence' what you would call heresay? Don't you request live witness testimony against this sort of 'evidence'? This is exactly what a jdb law firm sent me, along with a couple statements and an out of state affidavit from an OC employee. Is this all a jdb needs then to win in court?
  12. I'm very grateful to all on this forum. Just trying to figure out how to best defend myself when Calvary files suit in CA. They haven't yet but a law firm has sent debt validation documents at my request. They sent a 'bill of sale and assignment' from OC signed by a OC employee, an 'asset schedual' with a bulk inventory sale ID #, an affidavit from a different state with a name and signature of someone swearing under penalty of perjury that they are an employee of the OC. This person states they have knowledge of OC accounts and one with my name, amount owed and date opened was sold to Cavalry on a certain date. Can anyone help me understand how to defend myself when they sue? Do they have standing already with what they provided?
  13. In my last statement I meant what are the chances of the jdb initiating arb because I elected it, not what are the chances of them sueing. I have since spoken with a few different attorneys who suggested that I simply write another letter stating that the debt is time-barred and cease and desist communicating with me and to state that I revoke my election to arbitrate.
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