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  1. Yes I would like to know where we could legally find a clear answer. Just wanting to firm up which is better for my credit score -- paying down high balance CC that I am an AU, or paying down car a joint car loan.
  2. That is great info! We have a car loan that I am a co-signer for, my credit report says it is a 'joint account' -- would I be better off spending my efforts paying down the car loan as opposed to the high balance credit card that I am authorized user on?
  3. My family and I want to be clear on something -- will paying down a high balance CC that I am an authorized user on help MY credit score, as well as the primary card holder? Thank you!
  4. Harry - thank you so much for the info. I have pulled my numbers (Equifax 544 poor, TransUnion 571 fair, Experian 559 poor) It sounds like you are saying to focus mostly on my current debts (car loan, CC, student loan) and maybe not focus as much on the old debt ? I do have the one credit card that is 6 years old and still unpaid - should I just leave that alone? I wish I could get the judgement and other collections off my credit report since they were paid a long time ago. Any other tips or suggestions are highly appreciated. Thank you!
  5. Hello! This is my first time posting and I would appreciate any and all guidance that I can get! I apologize in advance if I break any of the forum rules, I will learn as I go. I made some mistakes during college that are coming back to haunt me -- but as an adult I am trying to clean up my mess and learn from my mistakes. My family and I are trying to buy a house, so its very important that I get my credit report cleaned up and my score higher. I realize this is going to take time, effort, and probably a lot of $$$ but I am ready to start this process. Here is a brief summary from when