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  1. @Harry Seaward Thank you so much for your help, that is great advice. I truly appreciate it. I have a couple more questions, first, do I need to file an answer before I file a motion to dismiss for improper service? Secondly, if the answer is yes, do you know how I can obtain a copy of the served paperwork so I know what I am admitting and/or denying? Or can I just file a motion to dismiss based on improper without filing an answer? It seems like if I file an answer it would mean I admit I was served, but if I don't file an answer they could get a default judgement?
  2. @Harry Seaward Here is the information regarding the Credit One Account according to my credit report: Date Opened: 08/16/2013 Date Closed: 12/20/2013 Date Updated: 05/09/2014 As for Midland here are the dates they listed: Placed for collection: 04/22/2014 I believe I lived there for less than a month before I first moved overseas in late 2014. To the best of my knowledge I never received any mail there and never updated my address there with the MVD, but I do actually see the address listed on my credit report in the addresses reported section, but it is not l
  3. @BV80 Awesome, thank you for your help. I believe I can provide evidence that the address they served is not and has not been my usual place of abode. I can show them my passport showing I haven't even been in the country until recently and showing that I registered to vote while residing abroad. I might even be able to come up with my condo lease agreement in Bangkok which doesn't expire until May 2017. In addition my US bank accounts list my mothers address, not my fathers. I just emailed my friend who has keys to my condo to see if she could go over and see if she could locate the leas
  4. Briefly many years ago. I never had the address registered with the MVD or anything though, I'm not sure how they found that address.
  5. Thank you for the replies and information so far, it is a big help. @creditzar The problem I have with the serving argument is that I am currently in Arizona since Thai schools are currently out for a couple months. It's the same thing as "summer break" here in the US. I come back for a couple months until school starts again in May. They served my dad who has a nearly identical name. For example if my name was Joe Jack Doe his name would be Jack Joe Doe which would lead the court to believe that I was properly served. I do not live at the address where he was served. Do you think I
  6. I have been living in Thailand for the last two years while working as a teacher. I come back to Arizona when school is out to visit my mom and sister, and am supposed to return to Thailand in May per my contract with my employer. I haven't spoken to my dad in years but we share the name so he was served papers from Midland Funding that were actually meant for me. He told me this in a facebook message, I asked him to send me the forms but he hasn't replied. I don't know if he will or not. We don't really have much of a relationship other than being facebook friends. This is what I have