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  1. If my case is filed in wrong court (very far away from where I live.....and I have received no summons.......who do I tell? anyone? also, it looks like they are saying it was served? Histories (Dates listed in descending order) 03/10/2017 OSC HEARING IS SET FOR 02/21/20 AT 08:30A M., IN DEPARTMENT F43 . ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE HEARING SIGNED AND FILED BY VALERIE SALKIN, JUDGE TO SHOW WHY SANCTIONS SHOULD NOT BE IMPOSED FOR FAILURE TO FILE PROOF OF SERVICE AND FAILURE TO FILE DEFAULT JUDGMENT PURSUANT TO CRC 3.740. CERTIFICATE OF MAILING FILED. 03/10/2017 CASE FILE FORWARDED TO RECORDS RE: FILING 03/08/2017 COLLECTIONS CASE COMPLAINT FILED PURSUANT TO CRC 3.740. RN CHA538853027. 03/08/2017 SUMMONS ISSUED. 03/08/2017 SUMMONS FILED
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