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  1. @hades01 Thank you. Lots of reading to do. Just a couple more questions if you don't mind. Say I'm able to get the judge to push this into arbitration. The best case scenario would be that Cavalry declines to follow me into arbitration. What happens after this, as far as the debt is concerned? Will they then sell it to someone else? If they do decide to accept and enter into arbitration, am I then allowed to ask or offer to the arbitrator to settle?
  2. Thanks, guys for your replies. @Harry Seaward The debt is about $1200.00 I'm confused about the arbitration bit. The debt was sold to Cavalry by Citibank, so I'm presuming that the account is off their books and out of their hands, isn't it? Or are you saying that the terms of the original contract/application apply to Cavalry as well since they bought the account? @hades01 I have no idea where the original contract is anymore. Probably shredded years ago. Does that mean I can't ask for arbitration? I'm confused as to how I would go about asking for arbitration. Do
  3. Hello, I'm being sued by Cavalry SPV for a CC account they they bought from Citibank. I called the office of the lawyer that filed the lawsuit. She asked me if I wanted to make a payment. I said I don't have that kind of money. She then told me to send in a letter with an offer of what I could pay, and she would forward it to her client (Cavalry) to see if they would accept. The summons has an exhibit, which I presume is their evidence. It has the exact same documents that are in this post. Same format and everything. So my quest here is to find out what options I have.