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  1. So far since Chase was unwilling to send us the paperwork we need I have disputed the late payments through the 3 bureaus. I heard back from 2 but not the 3rd. It's now been 30 days. What do I do now?
  2. Ok, so it's been 30 days and so far no reply from Transunion on a dispute, now what do I do?
  3. CM in that case, we did find the error's when they charged us for both insurances, at which time we called and had them correct, only to have to do it every month for 8 months. I think that alone shows how ignorant the company is.
  4. KK my brother in-law lost his house due to a modification with chase. He was behind so they told him he might qualify for it, so during this time he didn't make payments. He was already behind to begin with and that's why he needed to do the modification and what is was for. Well, he did all his paperwork sent it in and they "DENIED" it, by this time he was so far behind foreclosure was next. After they sent me the big packet in the mail I started doing my homework on these modifications and soon learned that most people who did them got screwed, so that's when we refused it, sold a bunch of
  5. KK I wish you could come to my house and help me with this lol. I do have some of the supporting paperwork. I have the statements from Cotton states showing the extreme increase in insurance, which I didn't get until I called them and made them send me copies. I have some of the Chase statements showing the increase in payments, but I don't have the ones where it went up to $1000 a month which is part of the reason I wanted them to send all the documentation from 2010-2014. I don't understand why they would refuse to send it unless of course it shows negligence on their part. I have all the pa
  6. I understand the payments wee still late, but the fact of the matter is that the payments were never what they were supposed to be during that time and Chase never fixed it. And now that we need supporting documents to show a new bank they refuse to send them. most of this was done over the phone and not in writing.
  7. I need some advice please and this is a "not so common situation". I have already started the dispute process with the credit bureaus but so far they haven't removed any late payments, which has caused us a lot of problems. I didn't know these were on there until we sold our house and went to buy another one. I have all my facts written down and will copy and paste it, let me know what you think? Also, when disputing this should I send a copy of everything that happened to the credit bureaus in full detail or will they not care? I bought my home in October of 2001 with a total monthly pa