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  1. I am a Pltf. suing a surety company due to (2) bail bondsmen that stole from me 2 properties in northern Arizona. The bail bondsmen took one parcel of land as collateral on a $15,000 bond along with $1,500. The bonded out person never showed up to the court hrg. and the BB were notified along with the surety co., but they never contacted me, the Pltf. (The courts are not obligated to contact me, but sent notification to the surety & the BB people. (The court noted that the BB co. sent to them "a note that asked for the hrg. to be continued due to the BB not being able to attend." But, judge declared the bond forfeited due to the fact that it did not consider the note formal and also it was not even signed!). I have sued the surety co. and the BB's company because they actually stole (2) parcels (the 2nd one was never even put up for collateral), the BB's men signed my (forged) name to an DPOA and then filed it and illegally stole my parcels. Along with that when the BB'smen sold my properties, the person whom they sold it to also went on my property and stole all of the cactus off of my property along with vandalizing all of my sheds and ran 2 of my tenants off of the property, cauing me loss of rental. I need help with the filing of the remaining pleadings. I am looking for an attorney in the Phoenix area that would take on my case and take attorney's fees at end of case. (I have already filed Complaint, Amended Complaint, but need help in resolving my case). Can anybody lead me in the direction to where I could find a civil litigation attorney to help me. I am a disabled person and only receive a limited amount of funds per month. I would be willing to pay for all costs starting right away, but would like to retain an attorney or even a strong paralegal to help me the rest of the way.) Plz. I need help.