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  1. I just want to settle it. I just need to know the proper way I can make a letter of settlement with the collection agency. How should I ask for a settlement?
  2. That's the thing I don't remember signing anything. It's been a long time. I don't want my nephew to get in trouble as well. I talk to the collector last night and told them I don't remember it. He said that someone was paying for it for almost 2 years then it stop. They say I have to get the police involve because it's fraud. I don't want my nephew to get in trouble. I rather pay a settlement. I just need to find out the best way to write them.
  3. I ran my credit report. I found out that I have a collection from ERC that were reported on 2013. They Said it was cable. I don't remember it until I talk to my nephew. He open one when he was living with me. Is there a way that I can settle with the collectors or company? How do I go about it? I want it out of my credit report. Thank you.