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  1. Hi All, Apologies for the very random out of nowhere post on my end, it took me quite a bit of time to find the message board and this thread as my previous computer was from a job that I ultimately lost so I wasn’t able to save the link. I wanted to provide an update and seek further guidance on my mother’s case with the Moore Law Group, being that we went through the entire process using the invaluable advice from this thread and all of you helpful members I figured I would circle back around to you all. So my mother and I were able to submit all of the documents in the hopes
  2. Hi guys! Apologies for going MIA for a sec, unfortunately among other things my mother was hiding from me she was also hiding her poor health and landed up in the hospital twice in a week, so have had to deal with that as well. I have put some feelers out there with some low income law groups to see about her possibilities with a BK as I have gathered roughly around $54k worth of debt, but like many of you mentioned here not sure if it's even worth it. Also, thank you so much @sadinca for the Chowdhury info, they have taken my mom's info and are currently reviewing, hoping they get back t
  3. This is such a relief, you have no idea how valuable this information is to me right now, planning on talking to my mom tonight and somehow get all of this through to her, unfortunately english is her third language so it can get a bit confusing at times, hoping she understands all of this, I know she is still shaken up about the whole thing. I will get on the general denial form and the BOP right away and report back to you. Thank you so much!
  4. This is so comforting to hear Clydesmom, can't thank you enough for this... I am in the process of getting all of her bills together and coming up with the grand total, will post here as soon as I get that spreadsheet done. I literally ransacked her apartment yesterday in search of every past due bill she's had, really need to get this situation fixed once and for all.
  5. I know, it was just a thought that ran through my mind during a time of desperation to be honest, gonna set aside her BK for now and focus on the advice in this thread. She never really has more than a couple dollars in her checking account after her rent clears. She gets about $700 then I transfer the remaining $400 to cover her rent every month so it all gets eaten up once her rent clears. I take care of her utilities with my own accounts. Currently the only thing of value that she actually owns would be her car (an old 2004 Camry) which she has the pink slip for. I currently have poss
  6. Good day all, New here and have been researching the board extensively enough to know that this is the right place. I will try to make this as short as I possibly can... My mother is 71 years old and went through some rather harsh times beginning in 2015 (kept it from me for most of it) and finally decided to tell me a few months ago that she could no longer pay her bills (she gets a measly $700 from social security) and was having trouble paying her food, welfare and dwelling. I have since had to help her with rent and signed her up with some of the low income programs our state has