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  1. I can definitely answer that USAA does NOT sell their accounts. My mother ran her bank card up in the neighborhood of 17k and defaulted. She was sued and got a default judgement. She was able to work out a payment plan with USAA and as of this date, has $200 left to pay off. USAA is willing to work with you regarding payments, but as @Debtguy393939 said, you will be blacklisted until it is resolved.
  2. As I see it? Just a Sovereign Citizen "Travelling" through CIC's website....
  3. Here is the backstory.... I work for an auto dealership (who wont be named). I had a customer come in on 1/18/2018 with $500 worth of coupons from a manufacturer as a gift for customer retention. The customer had looked on the manufacturer's website and had found some items that they wanted to use the coupons for. Two of the coupons were due to expire on 1/20/2018. I took the order from the customer and was in the process of in-putting their order, when my immediate manager came in and told me that I needed to leave the premises, that I was suspended for 1 week without pay, and not to return until 1/26/2018. The reason for that is a whole other story. So, I left the order incomplete. During my "vacation", The manager finally decided to put the order in on 1/23/2018, after the customer continued to call to check on the order. He had no idea how to do it and had to text me at home to get the instructions from me. When I came back to work on the 26th, the parts had arrived, but now there was a $200 shortage because the two coupons had expired. Needless to say, I held onto the parts because there was a appeal process that involved our District Manager, who could approve the expired coupons to be redeemed, if certain guidelines were followed. My manager told me to continue lying to the customer that his parts weren't there yet, due to a printing issue..of course pending the outcome of the appeal. The District Manager denied the appeal because the order had been placed 3 days after the coupons expired. (please note, I wasn't there) The process took 2 weeks. During this time the customer is being lied to by me....and I didn't appreciate being put in that position. My manager wanted me to call the customer and ask them for the remaining $200 shortfall in their bill! And I wasn't even here! I called the District Manager and asked for advice, the response was to stop lying to the customer and give them what they had ordered. She agreed that I shouldn't be held responsible for the $200, because I wasn't involved in the transaction. I called the customer in mid-February for them to pick up their items. I invoiced them and sent them on their way. The Comptroller held the invoice open until the end of March, because there was a dispute on who was going to pay the missing $200. I stood my ground and refused to be responsible for it. Instead, the Comptroller decided I WOULD be responsible and began deducting $100 from my paychecks without my written consent. I really don't want to make waves....but this is MY money that I worked for and earned. Nor do I want my job in jeopardy over $200 either. What I did manage to find was
  4. @RVA Question is, did you make that $7.42 payment on 4/28/16?
  5. ABSOLUTELY...I would want any objections on the record, should it come down to an appeal.
  6. @sadinca, If I read the Plaintiff's Answer to the BOP correctly, I'm curious if Plaintiff in this matter has filed a Privilege Log with the Court.
  7. That's true, a Plaintiff may take a Non-Suit first by right. But cannot take it if there are Pending Motions before the Court that haven't been ruled on. I would object to Plaintiff's Motion as well and demand the Court rule on your MTC.
  8. Truth be told, I work in the Auto Industry at a Dealership, (un-named-of course)! You would be surprised how many "electronic" complaints we get in that have to be worked on. More times than not, these problems can be traced back to the PCM (Powertrain Control Module), the brains of the engine management system. So, when you ask how we are able to drive a car?....Sometimes you just can't!! LOL All in the name of progress......
  9. @calawyer Thank you. These were some of the exact points that I argued in my case with Jormandy. And the presiding judge in my county court who tried my case, absolutely agreed with my arguments, maybe not in the way I presented them, but he understood and "coached" me in the right direction. I had also cited Frye v. Commonwealth, 231 Va. 370, 345 S.E.2d 267 (1986). Charles E. Friend, The Law of Evidence in Virginia 18-15, at 775 (6th ed. 2003). Citing Frye, Professor Friend correctly concludes that, "In Virginia today, personal knowledge of the entrant, or the entrant's informant, is no longer a prerequisite to the admissibilty of business records, provided that the 'circumstantial guarantees of trustworthiness'- regularity of preparation and reliance upon the records by those for whom they are prepared- are present." Id. That is how I argued my objections to the Bills of Sale, as they clearly stated they were being sold "without recourse or warranties". Warranties I argued that included completeness and trustworthiness of the records.
  10. Found this little jewel while reading Unreported Decisions from
  11. I would think that in this day and age of technology, that records that are electronically transferred to the "new owner", are subject to corruption of the account files. Who's to say that during compilation and setup of the files, or their transfer, or the downloading onto a new system that is not in control of the Original sourcing agent may somehow be corrupted by a power outage? A mis-match of software that re-compiles the accounts onto a new server? Human error?.... Just my two-cents...
  12. @Seadragon Thank you for chiming in! I was attempting to start off slowly with geeksquad and get him up to speed. The most important thing is to brush up on the rules of Court, as there are differences between Justice/City court and District Court. J/C rules are relaxed and streamlined. You MUST perform Informal discovery first. If the Plaintiff has not responded to your request within the specified time, then you can motion the Court to direct for a more definitive answer. You must have the court's permission for Formal discovery.
  13. Montana Civil Rules of Procedure: 25-35-505. Parties -- representation. (1) Parties in the small claims court may be individuals, partnerships, corporations, unions, associations, or any other kind of organization or entity, except the state or any agency of the state. (2) A party may not be represented by an attorney unless all parties are represented by an attorney in a small claims court. (3) Individuals may represent themselves in a small claims court. A partnership may be represented by a partner or one of its employees. A union may be represented by a union member or union employee. A corporation may be represented by one of its directors, officers, or employees. An association may be represented by one of its members or by an employee of the association. Any other kind of organization or entity may be represented by one of its members or employees. (4) Except as provided in subsection (5), only a party, natural or otherwise, who has been a party to the transaction with the defendant for which the claim is brought may file and prosecute a claim in the small claims court. (5) A party may not file an assigned claim in the small claims court unless it has been assigned pursuant to 27-1-718. (6) Except for claims under 27-1-718, a party may not file more than 10 claims in any calendar year. (7) Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, a personal representative of a decedent's estate, a guardian, or a conservator may be a party in the small claims court.
  14. Welcome aboard, geeksquad!! You would be absolutely amazed at what you can accomplish fighting any JDB, Pro-se. In most of the posts I've been reading, and my own personal fight against a JDB, the evidence and affidavits proffered are laughable at best. You wont be alone in this fight, promise. There are many knowledgeable and helpful Members here that will walk you through the steps!