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  1. They're a state-wide credit union.
  2. The latest version is a hard copy. It shows DofFD as Nov 2011. Is that the date it would have gone into charge-off (I see no specific date of when it was charged off)? It doesn't show a date the entry will be deleted. Even though the DofFD isn't changing, reporting inaccurate payments is causing my score to go down every month, because it shows recent history of 30/60/90/120/FP. Is this the creditor's way of doing damage while getting around the re-aging laws? And yes, I will dispute. I'm the kind of person who likes to have as much information as possible about what is happening before taking action on things, which is why I'm asking these questions.
  3. Yes, I'm referring to FCRA. It appears to me to be a pattern of illegal re-aging. It's reported by 2 CRA's (with the same pattern), and the account isn't listed at all on the 3rd. I haven't disputed yet, because I'm trying to figure out if this is indeed a case of re-aging before I do. I want as much leverage as possible.
  4. Hello, I'm new here. I read through some threads about re-aging. I'm guessing I'll want to get ahold of an attorney, but I wanted to see what everyone thinks. I have an OC who charged off an account in 2013. The Last Payment Date field on the report shows as being in 2012. However, beginning in 2014, it shows a payment being made each month, and it keeps changing. The image below shows last month vs this month. Going back through a few reports I've pulled in the past, it's the same thing--no matter which month I pull a report, the most recent 5 months are 30/60/90/120/FP, with the 6th month always shown as OK. Then the next month, the one that was 30 behind shows OK and the next 5 months show 30/60/90/120/FP. Again, I have made none of these payments, and the total owed never changes on the report. I believe this is re-aging. Am I correct?
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