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  1. When you uploaded the discovery, it is the exact same questions they give to everyone. I got the same thing. So I was able to copy the questions and changed the amount and answered. This company is a racket Glad you won, and you had to go all the way to get it beat. They're suing me for $1200. what a racket. Theresa
  2. IT's all the discovery plenty they are asking I need more time, I'll jsut tell them.
  3. So I have been out of town for almost a month. I had time to answer before I left. SO here is where I am at. I am in California limited court over $1200. That's it. These leaches are going at me. I have to refile and pay the fees. They got a discount on the fees and I get to match their fees at $180 So I will pay that and refile but now I have all their discovery to answer. Well we're not at that step I still need to re-file. I have to answer by tomorrow, I think I should mail them and fax that Iwill need an extention due to refiling answer. I mean what do I tell these people?