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  1. Thanks for the tip as usual. I went and got my Affidavit's notarized a couple of days ago. I'll make a cover sheet for my card agreement and mark it as an exhibit. So I'll be bringing for each case, my MTC, Card agreement, and notarized Affidavit. The pre-trial is Wednesday, getting nervous. Sound like its not supposed to take too long though. Any last tips, words of advice, or other things I need to bring. Do I just tell them I want to file my MTC because the agreement states if either party wants to arbitrate then we must arbitrate? Thanks again to everyone that's helped so far.
  2. Hi again everyone, I'm preparng my affidavit to have it notarized this week, my pretrial is in 11 days. I have a couple questions that I want to be sure I get right seems I'm only going to get 1 shot at this. How do I mark the credit card agreement as an exhibit? Can I just write on it "Exhibit A". Also, does the Affadavit also have to be marked as an exhibit? Lastly, Is it generally considered ok to highlight the applicable statements in the agreement? In this case, the part referencing arbitration, or do I present the entire document and leave it up to the judge to find it?
  3. Thanks so much, that looks great, I'm going to draft it up for each case and have it notarized. Court date is 1 month from today..... EEK!
  4. I just wasn't sure if I should resend my motion as it says I have 10 days to file for reconsideration. Also I'll look into how to have a notarized affadavit done up for the card agreements
  5. Ok, well things aren't particularly going my way at this point. I have a court date for a Pre-Trial hearing in April. I guess they have multiple cases at once, almost like a classroom setting. My motions were denied on both cases. So I guess I have to argue my point at the pre-trial which I'm not looking forward too. Here's the response I got on my Motion to compel, the funny thing is both cases I filed exactly the same and got two different explanations of why the motion was denied. First one - The Court cannot rule on the defendant's motion as "exhibit A" was not attached. The case
  6. The turbocourt system merely had a spot to add attachments to your form and they had to be in .pdf form. I guess it never occurred to me that they would need to be labeled as exhibits. Well it's too late at this point. The important part of the card agreement is quoted in my motion, hopefully that will suffice.
  7. My paperwork was accepted by the clerk, but they rejected my attachments. Not sure why, maybe they felt they were unnecessary. Either way, the responses and motions were officially accepted by the clerk. Guess I just wait 10 days and see what happens.
  8. Ok, it is done for both accounts I'm being sued on. Luckily I was able to attach documents so I attached both the credit card agreement as well as the motion to compel document after filling out the form as well. I had to respond as to why I didn't feel I needed to contact the other party first and i simply included this: The parties are bound by the Credit Card Agreement, which states in part "If either you or we make a demand for arbitration, you and we MUST arbitrate any dispute or claim between you or any other user of your account, and us, our affiliates, agents and/or Lowe's Compa
  9. Nope, has to be filed online. It kinda stinks cause i'm afraid I won't fit it all on the form like you said.
  10. Ok everyone, I just filed the response to my first case, and I went back in to file my MTC but I don't see the option to do that. I can file a Motion to Dismiss, or a Motion to change venue, among other options that don't fit with this case. I can also choose other. Before I file the motion I was hoping to get some insight as to what I should choose. I don't want to mess this up.j If I choose other I can type in the title of the Motion, if I do this what would I type in? Motion to Compel or Motion to Stay? Not sure how long I have to do this so I'm sort of freaking out a little bit.
  11. Thanks for the reply, I have to file electronically rather than in person so I think I have to do it in 2 steps. I need to go visit the site and make sure I know how to navigate before I actually file my response. I know that I have limited space when I file my MTC also, so hopefully it will all fit. I've fixed it up per your suggestion. MOTION TO STAY THE PROCEEDINGS PENDING ARBITRATION, and PETITION TO COMPEL PRIVATE/CONTRACTUAL ARBITRATION 1. That on or about XXXXXXXXX, Plaintiff filed its Complaint against Defendant. Defendant denied Complaint 2. Defendant moves this court to
  12. Hi everyone, so I've taken some time and read through the case linked above a couple of times. I also printed out my card holder agreements from the CFPD. I have not filed my response yet on either case. I have til 2/23 on both of them so I figure I'll give it another week or so to make sure I have my ducks in a row (mostly mentally). If I understand correctly I need to file my response, and then go back in and file my Motion to Compel. Here's a copy of what I plan to submit. I took what was used in the previous case linked above, adjusted the date and the references for the cardholder
  13. Thanks so much for the info, I'll spend some time reading today. I just got a letter about the 2nd account, so I've got 2 cases to deal with at the same time. The only good part is I can simply duplicate everything as they are both from Synchrony. Headed to read now, I'm a bit confused on one thing though, do I file a JAMS and send it to PRA's lawyer now before filing MTC with the court?
  14. I've been doing a bunch of reading here and took a look at the JAMS arbitration form. I'm very confused and a bit concerned. It sounds like I need to have claims against the JDB? Such as violations and such in order to file arbitration? I don't have anything on them that I'm aware of. I have 30 days to respond to the court so I can do some research but I'm just not sure what my immediate next step should be. After reviewing things further I'm thinking I'm screwed here, why would they agree to arbitration? I guess I'm a little panicky and confused. I'm generally an intelligent person but