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  1. This may sound silly but I don't know the actual amount of the debt since I trusted a family member to use the account for 1 line of service but instead added multiple lines and received new phones and didn't pay the bill and I had no idea until I seen my CR so I was never aware that there was an unpaid balance or last bill since i had nothing to do with the account besides my credit being used. Should I contact Verizon for the actual amount? Can I begin the disputes now or am I waiting for a SOL? Will I be asked for reasons I'm disputing if so, what is best to say?
  2. What do you mean by hard copies, certified mail? Also, since it's been only 3.5 years since date of first default am I suppose to wait the full 4yrs for SOL? I'm not sure if I'm on the same page
  3. So just to make sure I understand, I appreciate the advice from anyone who gives it but quite honestly, I'm scared to make a wrong move so I need step by step directions. The JDB has never tried to contact me and the only knowledge of the collection is from viewing my Credit reports mind you I seen it go from the original creditor Verizon wireless/Charged off account to the current JDB/collection account Jefferson Capital Systems so I'm going to First: Dispute via all 3 reporting agencies but what is my reason for dispute since I'm responsible for the debt regardless of whom I let use the account and not pay, unless there is some type of loop hole I may use that I'm unaware of? After disputing, what is the possible next step from the agency I'm disputing likely to do? I know I'm not settling yet but if that is a possibility would $400 of the $1600 debt sound like an amount that's reasonable for all parties? Anything more than $400 is something I'm not prepared to pay so if someone could let me know what I may have to come up with I would be grateful. Last question, how much would it cost for getting help with hiring a professional to do all this stuff? Would I be better off or can I handle myself? I am aiming to get it removed from my credit reports asap
  4. Thank you for replying and no I have not gotten any calls letters or threats of being sued, I am obsessed with my credit and this is now the only thing that is negative on my report. So I guess my first step is to send a DV letter and then go from there? By doing that do I risk starting over my clock for how long it will remain on my report? Also, how much longer should I expect to see it on my report if I leave it as is ? When did my clock actually start and does disputing with credit karma enough? I'm so ignorant to this. Thanks!
  5. I appreciate your advice and expertise. I actually thought i would just never try to do anything with this debt because honestly, Ive made some bad choices throughout my early adult life and at my mature age im just barely for the first time adulting and boy do i wish i could go back and not be so irresponsible! i sometimes daydream about about what it would be like to get a little more financial independence. im going to follow the steps to deal with this collections account and see how it all ends. Im grateful that im learning a thing or two about something i thought i would not ever get around to working on. According to credit karma my two scores are 619 and 614 and im sure to most thats not good at all but i was so happy to make it to the 600s! proud moment for me and thinking i may have more options for credit i did apply for a second capital one card that was recommended as a VERY GOOD chance for approval odds and i was crushed when i was with no hesitation denied. that just really bummed me out and made me super cautious to even try applying for anything else. i have been obsessing over my credit and it is giving me anxiety. i would love for someone to direct me to something else that i can do help me with this process. thanks for your time and being so informative.
  6. i have a $1,500 close collection account. the original creditor was verizon wireless, it is indeed my debt so is it necessary to validate the debt or can i just skip ahead to contacting the collection agency requesting a settlement of hopefully 25% or even less of it? i wanted to ask them if they could work with me in hopes that if they honor a affordable settlement will they promise to remove it. i honestly let my family member get service and they basically left me with this ridiculous debt that really hurt my credit. Date of First Delinquency Dec 01, 2013 and here we are May 2017 i still have a long way to go until it goes away and i was going to just wait it out but if i can fix this i surely will. please help with the best way to go about dealing with this. thanks
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