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  1. Thanks for the replies. They make good sense. I won't respond. Best to let sleeping dogs lie. Also, I will look into SSI. Didn't realize that is an option. Thanks. Life hasn't been easy, but no one said it would be. Hopefully the SSI will work out.
  2. Hello, I'm in california where the SOL is 4 years on CC. I received a letter from Midland with the disclaimer that states "the law limits the time you can be sued....etc....because of the amount of time...etc...we will not sue" BUT the DOFD was only 3 .5 years ago. I know exactly because that's when I became partly paralyzed and unable to work. Why would they claim the SOL applies when it doesn't? Are they trying to trick me into a payment or payment agreement? Any calls from various creditors were answered by my sister or daughter. They would only state my physical conditi