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  1. What a cliche response. If my lawyer had anything to say do you think I'd be here? Wow things have gone downhill on these forums.
  2. I have not frequented these forums in many years. I used to be a pro and have helped many people out. It has been so long that I can't remember my username. Now I am all rusty. I lived in VA and then obtained a job in PA then rented a house in PA. The employer suddenly decided to make the job remote and allowed me to work in Virginia. I decided to move back to VA and a hire a lawyer to help me negotiate breaking the lease. I wasn't so lucky. The landlord decided to take it the whole 9 yards and refuse any settlement while taking it to court. The landlord was granted a judgment in Pennsylvania Magisterial Court. I was rather surprised since the attorney provided evidence that repairs were not being made which is supposed to be a breach of contract in Pennsylvania. It is my understanding that a judgment can now be removed if it doesn't contain "x" "y" and "z". Good luck for those before me, but I am going to doubt they will miss it in my case. I also hear that Magisterial judgments don't make it to credit reports sometimes. Not holding my breath. I guess that I am in waiting mode, but want to stay proactive. This shouldn't be too difficult since this will be my only derogatory on my credit report. I am thinking of using the part of the FCRA where credit bureaus never notify you in writing within "x" amount of days of the insertion of negative information. I used to take CRAs to the small claims over that and get them to settle outside of court.....maybe that still works if it is still law? Maybe a preemptive motion to vacate? I don't know much about Pennsylvania Law. Thanks for any pointers.
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