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  1. Ok so i called him back and he said that he couldn't get any more information or documentation for the claim until tomorrow due to Hertz' corporate office being closed for the evening. I will call back to get the collector's company name and address so i can send a letter. The address they had on file was a old address from mine which i haven't lived at for a year and isn't located on any of my legal documents (ie: Driver's license, passport, etc.) and never has been.
  2. Ok so i was wrong, it is not even on my credit report i was looking at a credit card. There is nothing under collections on my credit report for equifax or transUnion so i have no one to mail a letter due to not having any information.
  3. Hello, This is the first time i am posting here as this is also the first time i have had anything in collections. I received a phone call from a said collections agency stating that i owe money to them regarding damage done to a Hertz rental vehicle in November of 2016. I asked him for more details on the matter and after putting me on a 3 minute hold he said he would have to gather paperwork and could have it emailed to me. I still have not yet received the email so i have no idea what this is referring to. I have never rented a car before as i am 23 years old so i know it has nothin