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  1. yep. there's no information on their phone number.. other than people leaving comments about getting calls from the number for the same reasons i'm getting the call, i can't find any information on the company either, so i've always figured it was fake. they just keep calling me and they're getting more and more 'serious'. it went from 'call me immediately or we'll move forward with the claim process' and now it's 'please call to verify your address for legal documents'. lol
  2. They didn't specifically say I was being served.. they just said 'legal documents'. I don't think anyone would need to verify anything to send anything.. but I was just curious if it's a thing for companies to try and get you to verify your address so they can send stuff.. legal documents to be more exact.
  3. Is this even a thing? Lol. I got a call from Stephanie with the offices of CRS & Associates.. it literally went something like this This is Stephanie from the offices of CRS & Associates (pause.. followed by a robot voice) XXXXXXXXX (pause.. followed by Stephanie) we need you to verify your address so we can send you legal documents. I'm sitting here like.. what? Why do you need to verify my address to send me things? Almost 100% sure this is a fuckin' scam, is calling to verify an address to send legal documents a thing?
  4. Ah, good to know. Well, they haven't tried to call or contact me since, so.
  5. I wish I would have saved the first voice mail, but I still do have the 2nd. I'm not sure how it works in Texas (Austin area) but I went ahead and filed a complaint, I really only did it because they're giving my father a ring and God knows how the hell they got his cell phone number with my name on it. Also the fact that after I had been calling WITH A BLOCKED NUMBER, they answered one of the calls I made with my full name and after I had hung up, they called me back 2 times and left 1 voicemail of pure silence. They also kept throwing me on hold without even saying anything a few times I called. Just sounds way, way fishy to mee.
  6. Ohh, they're smart. Even though I blocked my number, they answered my call with my name instead of 'how may i help you' then tried to call me back 2 times and they left a voice mail but I didn't check it yet. That's kinda creepy.. almost as creepy as them trying to contact me through my dad's cell phone number.. even though I never listed anything with my name and my dad's cell number.. hell, I don't even know my dad's cell number tbh. LOL. EDIT Checked the voicemail, it was silence.
  7. I called both of their 844 numbers but didn't say anything and about the 3rd time I called, they straight put me on hold. Haha. 512-900-2239 (this was the number used to call me) 844-249-2890 (this was the number he left in my voicemail) 844-849-7251 (this is the number i found when the 249 number did not pick up and the machine gave me a website and searching for that website gave me this number) both of the 844 numbers are literally picking up and throwing me on hold without even saying anything. lol
  8. I have the 2nd voicemail saved.. but I don't think he is threatening me with anything other than 'since you didn't return my call, we will be moving forward with this matter' so I am unsure how this will work. I called 3 different numbers and for 2 of them, the same person answered with 'CRS & Associates, how may I help you' but the last number all they said was 'CRS how may I help you' so idk if it's a thing to have a bunch of different numbers for 1 company. I want to ask for information but I hate confrontation and I am a giant chicken. Can anyone maybe help me get some kind of address by calling the number left in my voicemail so I can maybe get more information? I love having anxiety it. is. the. best!! (sarcasm)
  9. I've gotten about 2 calls from an area code that is associated with my county (they even somehow got my dad's cell phone number and called him as well, not sure how that is even possible) in the past week from some Anthony Telesco at CRS & Associates. The first message (June 2) he left me was informing me that some files were placed in his office regarding some failed bank transaction(s) and it had my name, date of birth, and social security on it or whatever, urged me or my attorney to call him back at said 844-249-2890 number and he pretty much hung up. He called again today and left another message and this is the voicemail word for word: Second service of notification for the respondent XXXXXXXXX, this is Anthony Telesco calling again from the offices of CRS & Associates in regards to case number XXXXXX. We have been attempting to reach out to you and due to your negligence in responding, we are required to review this matter further, I just wanted to make sure you have all the necessary information before we do so. Verification of your employment has been determined at XXXXXXXXX. We do need a call back either from yourself or your attorney today, it is Tuesday the 6th 844-249-2890, my direct extension is 371. Facts: - I am unemployed, I have no place of employment. - The place of employment he mentioned.. is an old username I use to use to make some kind of income (streaming) - Have not received anything in the mail about.. well.. anything. - He never mentioned any kind of attempt to collect a debt. (has whatever this is gone past that stage?) I've called the 844 number that he mentioned in the voicemail and it brings me to some answering machine that says no one could pick up the call and to visit their website at clearviewresolutionservices.com (I thought CRS & Associates was trying to contact me?), you'd think it would be an automated type of deal where I could use Mr. Telesco's extension so I could leave a message but it does not. I also called the number that he called me directly from and that number is associated with some Legal Services Claims department (no company name, just.. Legal Service Claims Department) and the machine asks me to leave my name, number, and whatever other important information. Of course, I'm not 100% sure what this claim is about and I really don't want to call. I got a phone call a few months ago from some lady (you could tell it was a recording) telling me someone was going to stop by for my signature and gave me some claim number on something that was filed against me and yada yada and I completely ignored it (no one came to my house either). I can't find any information on CRS & Associates, the 844 number, the number Mr. Telesco used to call me, there's just no information on anything. Has anyone else experienced something like this? My parents are old and they're flipping the freak out on me and I had to tell them that it's probably just a scam..
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