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  1. Hi!  -been following CIC for some time, but actually need help this time ASAP concerning Davidson Co, TN. General Sessions.   1) I read & reread multiple threads,  but is just filing a  Sworn Denial usually accepted to get bumped up to a trial, or does it just depend on the Judge, the weather, etc?  The docket my day is huge, BTW.  2) Does a summons in a sealed envelope taped to my door when no one is home constitute legal service?  3)  Does a Summons have to have anything else attached to it, like a complaint, affidavit (of debt.) or ANYTHING?  Also, in the service box section of my summons, it only has a stamp that says "copy." Thanks!!

  2. Has anyone been summoned to court by Advance Financial in Nashville? They are a horrible, unethical creditor ( check BBB & other credit sites) with a ruthless & very "famous" debtor attorney, apparently. They've already been paid 2.5 times the amount loaned, have not contacted me for 7 months, then a summons comes from a lawyer with very little info or notice. I don't have time or $$ to be more thorough with them, so will do a Sworn Denial for now. This attorney has a gazillion other former customers on the docket that day, so I am wondering if the judge will just blow me off & give a summary judgement?! Help. does anyone here have any experience with Davidson Co, TN General Sessions and/or fighting Advance Financial?