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  1. Hi, I have few queries to ask regarding the self-employed mortgage in Canada. I'm born in Toronto(Canada). But, after the marriage, I got settled in Quebec. I started a business three years ago. My business partner is from Mississauga. Will I get a self-employed mortgage? I was in doubt because my business has just completed three years. And as this is a short time, will it be a problem for getting a self-employed mortgage? It would be better if I can get a valid reply. I have been asking many of my business mates regarding this question. But, none of them have a clear idea. And I think this is the best platform where I can put up this question. I have heard that for achieving a self-employed mortgage in Canada, we need: 1. A clean credit history 2. The property to be located in or near a major center. 3. Proof that we are self-employed. Anything other than this is required? Feel free to discuss your views on this and put forth your opinions. Which all documents are required? Any idea? As always, your suggestions and replies will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I'm Ethan from Canada. I'm new to this forum. Hope everyone is fine. I'm working as a manager in a company in Toronto. Hope to have a great time with you all. Cheers! Thank you.
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