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  1. Maybe you can answer this... Since the car is in collections, am I still required to carry full coverage insurance? I am just trying to find a way to make it cheaper. This car is so damn expensive, I am upside down on it, it is not even worth the value anymore and I am completely frustrated with myself that I even got myself in this situation.
  2. Thank you for your input! I am current on my payments to them, therefore paying as agreed. However, it is charged off and in collections for the remaining balance on the loan. I am guessing as long as I pay as agreed they will not repo it.
  3. Hello, I was late on my car loan payments and when I finally was able to pay it I was told that it was in the collections dept at Ford. I contacted them and I am still currently making monthly payments directly to the collections dept. However, can the still take my car even though I am paying every month being that it is technically in collections? Also, What if I stop paying will they repo the car or does it just stay on my credit as a collection? I currently live in another state from where I purchased the car. Just trying to know all the options, legalities, and recourse... Thanks