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  1. The OC was a chase credit card. I read from research online that apparently Midland is likely to move on if there is contact via mail/phone w proof of 'hardship' , showing that going forward there would be no gain. [Of course, just because it is stated does not mean it is honored] "MIDLAND PLEDGE under hardship ARTICLE 2: -We suspend collection activities when a consumer demonstrates that he or she is experiencing significant financial hardship due to medical issues." Thank you for your reply Nobk4me! That is actually the kind of common sense I needed lol... just tell them I dont live there anymore obviously.. ! I have not gotten any mail or physical serve from anyone, but after receiving forwarded mail saw a few local debt attorneys/debt consultations, specifically with a case number which matches what I searched in the county court office online which showed an open case all the way from april 27.
  2. Hello everyone, I discovered I had an open case with midland funding (Florida) by a family member alerting me of 'someone asking for me' where I used to live. Long story short : - Have fallen back on payments due to illness and have proof of surgery earlier this year - No personal job, wages, assets that can be garnished - I do not currently live in Florida Credit bureau shows account opened on : Date opened: 11. 30. 2015 Reported : 6. 15 .2017 amount: 8000 - Advice thus far: contact by phone /mail and let them know of hardship w/proof? while also denying/asking for proof of debt? I want to let them know I am now aware of this bill and prepared for a resolution.