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  1.  Please help 

    I have a jury trial with capital one next month 8/16/2017 in Chatsworth, CA.

    I read your post from 2013. Do those still apply this year? 

    I can't afford an attorney so been taking them on ,on my own. Amount they claim is $4,850

    I've request numerous times a cardholder agreement with my signature.  But all they've been sending are starements dating back to 2011. Nothing with my signature but they send generic agreement, not specific to the year agreement was supposedly signed.

    They did the entrapment admission letter scheme and I responded within 20 days but didn't get it certified. So of course they filed a motion that I accepted their claim citing I didn't respond with 20 days.

    I'm a single mom struggling to make ends meet,  so i really need this to go away.

    Please advise.

    Thank you !

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