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  1. I finally got an answer from Navient. Turns out that my loan had a claim against it on my bankruptcy, so they transferred it to the company who guaranteed my loans (USA Funds). Both my attorney and the lawyer for the Trustee overseeing the bankruptcy had told me that the student loan would not be included in the bankruptcy, so that surprised me. I need to talk to my lawyer about it, since I don't want them to put it in the bankruptcy and then have it disallowed and I would be stuck making payments to USA Funds when I was on the IDR plan with no payments with Navient.
  2. I had two Student Loans with Navient. Since my husband became totally paralyzed and I permanently lost his income, I applied for and was approved for an Income Driven Repayment Plan in November, with my payments being $0 and only interest accruing. We filed Chapter 13 in April due to the loss of income and his medical bills. I was checking my credit report yesterday and noticed that it showed my 2 student loans as paid off with a $0 balance. I logged into Navient and saw that my loans were paid in full by USA Funds. Are they paid off or is USA Funds just taking over my loans? I don't feel like they should have been touched since I was on the IDR, and I was never informed of this, I only found out by checking my credit report. I am afraid that USA Funds will start billing me for the loans that I had the IDR on and force me to make payments. ,,something that I didn't have to do with Navient because of the IDR. Does anyone have any idea of what is happening? I had been making all my payments up until the time that I was approved for the IDR, so I wasn't in default or behind at all. I had never heard of USA Funds before this, so I don't know what their business is or anything. This is concerning me greatly, as I cannot afford to make payments on the loans (the very reason I was on the IDR). Any help or insight would be very much appreciated.