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  1. Ok, thanks Clydesmom. Can anyone refer a bk7 attorney in brevard county FL?
  2. Yes, I have other debts and im begining to think bk7 would probably be my best choice. What would a bk filing do to this suit? Stall it, make it go into the bk?
  3. So what is my best strategy? Answer and hope for a settlement? Answer and file bankruptcy?
  4. Good advice Seaward, thanks. They say it's $4160.00. I'm thinking of arguing standing since they say citi sd and citi na are one in the same. Denying the allegations and asking for a trial. After answers are submitted motion to dismiss because absent proof they are one in the same, they lack standing. Crazy? Thoughts?
  5. When did you make the last payment on the account? Not sure. I would guess if this is my account they are within the 4 yr sol. Thanks so much for your reply and help 😀
  6. Yes. Thank you so much for all the help. I will be working on my answerthis Saturday and I'm certain I'll have other questions. Thanks 😀
  7. Hello, anyone have any thoughts on this? Not feeling the love from CIC
  8. Hello, I need some help. I'm being sued by Citibank N.A. by Debski & Associates PA. I was served on 9/10/18 and it's my understanding that I have 20 days to file an answer in Brevard County FL 18th judicial circuit. Is this correct? If so are the calendar days to business days? Also I'm having a hard time finding the rules of civil procedure. Where can I find the? Preferably electronic copy. Also as I get ready to file my answer. Is the formatting of the response important? Where can I get a fill in the blank court formatted form? There are two counts in the suit. Count 1: acount stated : in this one they are basically saying they sent me a statement and I did not object so I owe the money. There is also a line in there that seems to show a chain of tittle. It reads: Citibank (South Dakota) NA is deemed to be one in the same as Citibank NA. Count 2: unjust enrichment : they are basically saying I used the credit account and benefitted from it. My question is, what defenses should I invoke in my answer? Does any one have an attorney recommendation?
  9. Thanks for your help. I'm going to make some appointments and see which way is best for me. Just curious how would you qualify for chapter 7?
  10. Thanks. Can cc debt be discharged in bankruptcy?
  11. Hello, the default occurred around March of this year. Cti 14k, citi 6k, Amex 1.6k, chase 9k, Barclay 4k , amazon 6k, sams 11k. All unsecured and frankly, I'm scared of a suit or wage garnishment .thanks.
  12. Hello, I've suffered a financial meltdown and need a strategy on how to deal with my creditors prior to a suit being filed. My current strategy has been avoidance. Should I talk to them? Not talk to them? Any thoughts? I'm going to work and will check back after 6 pm est. Thanks in advance.