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  1. But I didn't say they had to delete it. They do however have to stop reporting on it every month. My understanding is that, should they sell the debt, they close the account and change the balance to $0 as they no longer have collection authority. Time will tell with this one.... right now I'm planning to wait until EQ finishes my dispute this week. If it comes back validated, I'll DV and go from there. It'll be interesting to see whether they change the status of the EQ TL also.
  2. What has thrown me off is that they did it after the TU dispute had closed. Further, I guess since my EQ has until Wed to close my dispute, that's why EQ still shows it as "open"? I'm starting to brace myself for a double-whammy for exercising my right to dispute with the CRAs.
  3. My understanding was that if their right to collect has been terminated, they must close the account and stop reporting. Is that not correct?
  4. I received the results from my TU dispute 7/15/2017 in which a medical COLL ACCT was "verified." I decided not to take my next step until after my EQ dispute closes next week. Yesterday (4 days after TU dispute closed), this same medical COLL ACCT was changed by the CA from "open" to "closed", so I first assumed it meant they have given it back to the OC or have sold the debt to another CA, however, it's still showing the full balance owed. Can someone tell me why this is?