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  1. Found out today, after the bill came that i got an automatic $1300 Credit limit increase to $6300 from $5000 on the paypal (synchrony).
  2. TransUnion just went up to 764? i'm only paying the minimums on the 0% cards, not because i can't afford to pay more, but i'm trying to figure out the best course of action.
  3. Just a little update: Around Feb, i applied for and got: 1) ABOC, Amligated bank of Chicago (mastercard) $3,300 CL 2) PayPal (synchrony mastercard) $5,000 CL 3) Wells Fargo $7,500 CL Then April-ish, applied and got: 4) Bank of Amer $11,000 CL 5) Discover IT $5,500 CL 6) American Express Blue $8300 CL Combination of paydown/balance transfer of the Prosper loan balance down to $22.00 And it's down to $22 rather than pay in full because i have questions on that which may be more appropriate for another thread.......? Got another raise to 95K last week. Was previously netting approx $5,800 per month. Not sure how much of this net could be, and was applied to debt? Not sure how much the new net will be either yet? Fico according to Discover (they use TransUnion) was 750 in June. It's now 735. i suspect due to the balance transfers of the Prosper Installment loan? Citibank Fico (they use Equifax) is now 725. Although back in April, it was 749 The bank of america balances are mainly balance transfers of the Prosper loan AND from the Barclay's which, itself was a balance transfer from other CC balances.
  4. (Not sure if this is the right section to post in but anyways,) According to Credit Karma: 668 transunion 675 equifax FICO according to the Discover site: 672 Cards: Chase $0 30% $2000 limit Barclay $0 16% $10,000 limit Fidelity $1,836 14% $5000 limit Citi $1659 12% $4000 limit Discover $7,361 11% $7500 limit Capital one $1856 0% $2000 limit Bank of Amer $2150 0% $3000 limit Amer Express $0 unsure $1000 limit Personal loan(s): Prosper $19,268 $697 monthly installment --Presently NET approx. $2,775 per month income. --Presently can apply approx. $1,880.00 to the debt every month. --Grossed 61K last year. ---Will be getting a raise to 75K in three weeks. i'm not sure what the monthly NET will be and how much more i'll be able to apply towards the debt each month yet. 1) My goal (is this the right goal?) is to raise the credit score asap to about 700, apply for cards with a 0% on balance transfers and transfer as much of the debt as possible to 0%. 2) i would like a newer car, but this is not high priority. So, if this is the right goal, then what should i do to raise the score asap to accomplish this? Perhaps a better question is: what is the best thing to do given my situation?