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  1. I may have gotten one before but I can't remember. If I did get one before the verbiage was different and not enough to make me seek out additional assistance. I just tossed it out like all the others I've gotten in the past. All of the past ones (from other collection agencies) actually listed account #'s with dollar amounts.
  2. Hello, I am looking for some assistance on a letter I received today from Suttell, Hammer & White, APC. Please see the attachment. Basically I've received letters from debt collectors in the past and they always had account numbers and dollar amounts on them. This is the first time I've received a letter that didn't reference anything except a number which I don't recognize. There is no BOFA account number or dollar amount owed. The letter was dated 07/20/17 and it states I have 5 days to respond and the 5th day is tomorrow the 25th even though I just received this letter today. As far as I am aware there currently is no case against me. I tried poking around on occourts.org and didn't find anything under my name. I have not been served with any kind of papers/summons. I need some advice on what I should do at this point. Sending in some kind of letter would be delayed and wouldn't make it in time. I do have a fax # on the letter I received which I could fax a letter to but I don't know what exactly I should be doing/saying. I've read stories about how you call these people up and they just claim they can't offer you legal assistance and even though you might be willing to work with them for payment they would still move forward with the judgement anyway. What should I do? What's the best possible option for me here? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Notice of Intent to Incur COurt Costs by Filing Suit.pdf