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  1. I have pretrial today. Sorry, I didn't see this earlier. I actually spoke with an attorney, and I know what I need to do when I go in today. Fingers crossed.
  2. They are saying I opened a credit card account. I do not have recollection of said account. Now, I am in court, have pretrial today.
  3. Actually, when I was in court, the contract/proof was brought up, and the judge stated to them that they needed the contract, or other proof, since the first adress listed was my mother's adress, and not mine, and I can prove that, as I was not even in the state at the time they say this was opened. My question more is about the mis-identified account, as well as the Bill of Sale and Transfer.
  4. I sent a notice to the plaintiff for written interrogatories, request for production of documents, and request for admissions. This is there responses. SECOND ROUND SUB LLC DEFENDANT’S FIRST SET OF WRITTEN INTERROGATORIES, REQUESTS FOR PRODUCTION OF DOCUMENTS AND REQUESTS FOR ADMISSIONS (NOTE: This Document contains Requests for Admissions) DEFENDANT’S FIRST SET OF WRITTEN INTERROGATORIES TO SECO