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  1. Well, yes. But. As to "Filed" .. I meant, as to the time after I contact the cockroaches known as P&P ("I have obtained the $1,030 and am prepared to pay via the website for my own receipts in the matter of *docket and case number, same*") - What is to stop them from NOT filing with the Court the "Warrant of Satisfaction" if that is what it is called?
  2. Well I AM mad at myself that I botched the whole thing. However, that's not a bad idea.. you're saying I should get the Court's phone number, confirm it is still $1,030 and then ask how to pay, this way P&P can't screw me on not getting the "Warrant of Fulfillment" from the Court? And they can't file stuff after I pay, right? Since if I remember right, most feel that trying to get the judgement vacated would be a waste of time... (I'm questioning the defenses. I thought a motion to Vacate was basically like an appeal, where you must submit what your defense WOULD have been...)
  3. I don't necessarily think I'm "Full of myself." You do. However, I do love myself. So what are you saying, and where does that leave us?
  4. Did you see my first reply to you in this thread? I know you have status and clout here, (and you are VERY possibly "ICANHASMUNY?" of CreditBoards) but you're being an ace. ADDED: Though.. It is because you are a knowledgeable person (?) and big-shot here (you are clearly extremely knowledgeable and have won stuff against JDBs/CAs.. same thing more or less, a JDB is a worse CA) that I won't dig into you TOO much. I've discussed some of the "What is legit wrong with me" at length at times in the past.. Got nowhere, only brought out negativity and negative people, consumed my life, still irks me a little if I choose to let it. Now the short version is I simply call out people that don't contribute useful information to a thread (the thread I created here, even if it isn't "mine") and ask nicely to contribute to the matter at hand and then I move on. Let's see if you jerk a third time, can you resist?
  5. As far as I know, no such filing has happened. If I think about it, it was about a month ago today they claim to have obtained their precious "Summary Judgement."
  6. Can't resist, can you. P&P are scum-sucking debt collectors. I SHOULD use their letter for toilet paper and mail it to them. All nice and brown.... and I will stick my a$$ and front in their face every chance I get since it's perfectly OK to be full of myself. Those other forums have not see the last of me, either. Though. Are you saying to just get the $1030, call them, and pay online with a credit card ( or something) so that I have the receipt? Oh, and one more thing I am not clear on.. They then mail me a "Warrant of Satisfaction" with the Court? Can they be trusted to do that? 👍
  7. What do you think they will say if I offer them $700? I already know how to NOT mail them a check.. ...but I tell them "No payment until they send it in writing that $700 is ok," right? They act pretty full of them self. If they say no, should I call them back every week and offer them $25 more, like $725, then $750, then $775 until they say OK?
  8. It accumulates daily? What was the maximum rate for NJ again (since that is the only thing they will add?) Is it a waste of time to even ASK them about paying a small amount every week? Sounds like it is no longer $1,030.. Should I contact them?
  9. Hi! Well, Pressler and Pressler got the Summary judgement. So far it's $1,030. I am wondering how long until Interest goes on it? (Makes sense that they wouldn't mind "parking" the Judgement with the Court, as the amount would go... up.) State is NJ