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  1. I found the arbitration agreement. It's all very confusing to me now. I opened the account in 2012 from synchrony bank (walmart) and missed the payments in 2015 I clicked on the link you gave for the agreement to read over but there wasn't any for 2015. I've tried to look up what the arbitration agreement even means could you help me with that? And would I call Midland funding give them the case number and say according to the arbitration agreement you have no right to fight Me? I'm sorry I'm so confused.
  2. I was served and I called in to say i was defending but I misplaced the papers. If I call the magistrate will they tell me who Midland funding is suing for? And thank you so much for all your help as soon as I find out what credit card it is I will look up the cars holder agreement.
  3. I believe it was a walmart credit card and they are saying 1900.00$ and no their attorney didn't send me anything at all.
  4. No the lawyer didn't send me anything. I can call him and ask if he sent anything to them. Midland funding is suing me for a different credit card now. I was going to call the attorney who filed the law suit and and for verification to send to me. Would this make him drop the case?
  5. I've read alot of forums today about Midland funding suing for debt they bought from a creditor. I had a past one (actually today) that I paid a lawyer to take care of well he won my case. Now Midland funding is suing for another debt I had also. I don't want to pay another lawyer. If I had all that money I would have paid off the debt myself. Now this one is suing me for less than the one I had hired a lawyer for. I already called the magistrate office to defending my case. So I know I'll have a different paper coming in the mail. My question is do I just go in that day let them interrogate me and I just keep saying no and just keep repeating I need proof of this debt. And that I never signed a contract with them? Also I've read that people also send something to the attorney and magistrate office stating they need to show me all the proof before hand?