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  1. Why would I? If it were just one or two loans, and I had any idea what to do with them, of course I'd see what you mean. Unfortunately the reason why I'd pay, is because the level of overwhelmed I feel is inexplicable. Not to mention that I have a more than full time job (to try and live, let alone pay down some of this stuff), and other responsibilities, and this is extremely time consuming even if I did know what I was doing. It's so far out of hand, I'd do just about anything for help from someone who actually knows what they are doing. Me, or my family just seems to make it worse. Either way, there seems to be no one, so I will just hope that I can somehow crawl out of this before I am a senior citizen, with help from forums like this and the internet in general. 19 different loans (I think), serviced by multiple different companies each, reported multiple different ways, on multiple credit reporting services, some of which are federally backed, some not-which supposedly were discharged, but re-added a year later to at least one CR agency. I will look into the non profits, in case I can find one to help How does anyone know if a debt will eventually fall off, or just "go away" if they wait long enough?
  2. It's hard to believe that there are no trusted company or reputable companies out that, that I could pay to help me unravel this giant mess that is my credit/finances. I google and read forums but find nothing to go on.
  3. More creditors on some of the reports: ACS/Wells fargo 2004 AES/Barclays bank 2006 Dept of Ed/Navient ECMC US Dept of Education U S DEPT OF ED/GSL/ATL Navient Solutions All of these appear under "closed accounts" None of the reports have anything for my under "open accounts"
  4. 1. Education Credit Management Corp 2. Debt Management and Collections System 3. USA Funds, Inc USA Funds May also go by the name "Navient". Or Navient bought the loans? Navient is the only company that has contacted me at home through the mail, and the amounts match up with this USA Funds loan. The other contact I got was for a Federal Perkins loan, and I have since already paid that one off (Perkins loan and Navient are the two I have actual documentation on. Also, Wells Fargo has many on my report with an open date of July 2014, and those were supposedly dismissed in my bankruptcy in 2013 (they were not federally backed) There are more also, but it's pretty complicated to me, as in each report many of the loans are listed more than once/duplicated of the same amounts. And then across the three reports, nearly nothing matches up.
  5. Not to sound dramatic, but I keep reading that I'll never even be able to get a tax return without the government taking it to cover these. That I'll never be able to retire, because even social security will be taken to cover these federally backed student loans. Basically that if I don't pay every penny (which seems near impossible, especially with the interest), that I'll go to the grave a poor pauper, who still owes the government thousands in student loans from decades before that. It's so depressing, and like I mentioned, I am feeling hopeless and depressed about it all.
  6. Hi Clydesmom, I never actually graduated (extenuating circumstances got in my way, I am hoping to someday get a degree anyway, but for now, just working on getting finances back on track). 2009 was the last year I attended school. I am not sure what date I was scheduled to start paying these loans, my mom had the addresses set up as a PObox, and I've only seen very occasional correspondences, when the creditors found a real address for me (And even that's only been 2 out of the several creditors that have actually contacted me. I assume most of them still have the now defunct PO box address, and probably most of them have given up on sending things? I am not really sure though.) I will get a hard copy of credit reports
  7. For instance, one of the student loans has a new entry on my credit report (the same student loan from around 2003/2004. But now it says opened in 2015- when I KNOW no loans were opened in 2015. I haven't been in school for nearly a decade, there should be no newer student loans. Is this "re-ageing" or what ever that term is where companies try to make an old debt look new?
  8. I know everyone is volunteer, and I really appreciate it. I can wait. Just wanted to make everyone knew how desperate I am for any kind of .... even a point in the right direction. I am to the point where it just seems so hopeless. I was under the impression that student loans never "drop off". Is that true?
  9. Please? I'm literally begging for some insight or even a path, or a recommendation for a service
  10. I really REALLY need help/advice. I am trying to get my life/credit back on track, but when debts are really old, it can be really difficult. The problem here is student loan debt. I had a lot of debt in general, and filed CH13 in 2013 and many were discharged, but of course not most student loans. I was very unintelligent, and had no idea what was going on during the college situation. My mother had bad credit, and was very irresponsible with money, so all parent loans were denied, and all loans are in my name. The problem is, I didn't really even know about most of them. She wanted me to go to college and did what she thought she should in order to make that happen. I didn't even apply for any of the loans myself, she would just use my social, sign electronically, and school was paid for. My own fault, but at the time, I never thought anything of it, and didn't know how bad it was getting. I assumed she was paying at least part of it with real cash money (turns out it was all loans). To sum up the issue, the loans go back as far as 2003, and none of them have ever really been paid, except a few here and there. And I paid off one Perkins loan myself in the last year. The remainder of the loans, are hard to even know what I still owe any more. Credit reports - all three show different accounts. Some show the accounts as "closed". The three different major credit agencies show these amounts of total debt: $9,000ish, $0, and $55,000 ish. When I now know that school cost at least $76,000 over the course of multiple years. The loans have been sold over and over, I have no idea who I owe what. I have no idea if some of the debts were discharged (it appears some through Wells Fargo were discharged even though they are student loan debt) I know this is all my fault, I should never have been so naive, and such an idiot, as to let her manage this, as now she has no idea either. I know this is my responsibility and my fault, but I can't seem to fix it myself (been trying). I have read on this forum that you shouldn't use credit repair agencies, and that you can do it all yourself- but it really seems like too much for me, such a HUGE giant tangled mess of stuff, back over a decade ago. I currently have no credit cards, no accounts of any kinds other than these student loans, and my score is in the low 500's. I really want to fix it all. (of course, funds are limited, but I work on commission, and would like to just pay off "chunks" of it, one at a time. There may be as many as 19 loans, anywhere from $600-9,000 each. Is there anyone who can offer even the smallest bit of advice? I do not mind paying for help with this, in fact, it would be a major relief to find someone trusted/recommended who knows what they are doing, and I would gladly pay for a valuable service.
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