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  1. I got contacted by a company called Reliant Capital Solutions in January, about my defaulted student loan. They wanted me to pay an amount that I couldn't afford and would cause me hardships on finances. I tried to negotiate a lower price, they wouldn't budge. In the summer they said that if I didn't pay them, the government would garnish %15 of my wages, to cover the loan. I did the math, and now it was going to be impossible to even pay my rent at that rate so I gave in, and agreed to pay the other amount even though it meant literally having nothing left out of my paycheck. Now they are telling me that the government will still garnish %15 out of my salary, and on top I still have to pay them if I want to consolidate my loan. The amount of money that I would have to pay will basically cripple me. I have rent, car, other loans to pay, not counting utilities, phone etc. I have no idea how im going to do it, because I calculated that at least one or another utility i wouldn't be able to pay. Am I screwed and should consider living in my car or under a bridge or what can I do? bFm